Why For Sale By Owner?

FSBOFlagA Bonus FAQ About NAR (a.k.a. The Real Estate Mafia)
Why For Sale By Owner? Because it’s the right thing for any seller to do, it’s also best for you, the buyer. Firstly, who do you think pays the commissions on real estate sales? If you said the seller or both seller and buyer, you’d be wrong!  Against what the National Association of Realtors would tell you. (“Realtor” is a federally registered trademark so we won’t use it again herein.) ALL expenses and costs of ALL kinds for anything bought and sold on the open market are shouldered by consumers (that’s you). This is common sense and when it comes to real estate commissions, it’s a huge and completely unnecessary cost. RealBrrrrr commissions aren’t like costs for power, water, roads and other improvements that get added into the prices. With those costs buyers actually get something of value but when sellers must account for commissions in their prices, it’s a total loss to buyers. The truth is there are much more exciting ways for you to throw away thousands if not tens of thousands of your hard earned dollars! But that’s just the money side of things, there’s many other factors of equal or more importance to consider…….
Those who have bought and sold real estate know first hand it can be of life changing propensity. Prospective buyers need all the info they can get to make good decisions. Unfortunately most people are fitted with blinders while guided by their RealScores like cattle through a chute during the important and personally significant process of buying real estate.  Unfortunately, they’re limited to whatever basic knowledge their RealGrrrr feels like providing and most of that is of design for getting buyers to sign offers in their pursuit of collecting a commission. Of course there are exceptions but they seem to be increasingly few and far between. Aside from a few professional real estate developers and/or investors who get their licenses to buy/sell their own properties and avoid commissions, most RealPOORs are out to rape the public (you).  Many who have gotten out of the profession confess the system is rigged while many more remain brainwashed, proudly sporting their faux badges of bogus origin. And yet others still, know the truth but remain silently active pawns with little choice themselves. It’s dirty, but a job nonetheless. That said, we obviously don’t hate anyone solely because of their profession. People aren’t perfect, we’re all human, make mistakes and can be drawn down bad paths. The problem is there’s no lack of bad paths offered these days and the NAR has placed more than its fair share on the map.
Many know the National Association of RealTURDs , or NARs, is a bogus system in it’s entirety. Stalin himself couldn’t have designed a better program to fool consumers while mesmerizing a dedicated line of henchmen. Under what influence did the public decide people couldn’t buy and sell things amongst one and other without blood sucking middlemen? And what in the heck were we thinking when we let a group of thugs create all the laws and contracts primarily designed to cover their asses and guarantee methods for them to collect outrageous commissions on these sales/purchases that each and every person makes a goal of performing sometime in their lives? 6% of every homes sale price and 10% of every piece of land purchased in America….. C’mon!!! 96% of Americans don’t pay that much in taxes yet like sheep will mindlessly give it away to the first jerk to lurk in their direction! It’s not at all uncommon for a buyer to spend a full year or two, or more worth of wages on this asinine expense. And it’s a ridiculous idea to think the industry is at all necessary or helpful, much less worth billions and billions of dollars. If you’d like to learn more about this travesty of a shim sham, activate your common senses and hit the net, there’s a great turncoat website here:
http://www.realestateindustrywhistleblower.com/ and/or http://www.savvybroker.com/
Again, aside from all the underhanded tactics, one of the biggest problems about RealBores is the fact they almost never know squat about the properties they’re peddling. This is a really big deal. Prospective buyers are commonly left misinformed and uninformed about some of the most important aspects of the most important purchases of their lives.  Or worse yet, completely left in the dark about what’s truly available. God forbid their RealDrrrrs do their jobs by informing buyers of trivial things like better properties that aren’t listed by them or their buddies. But that’s the most important and gleaning part of the scam. Individuals can’t list their properties on the MLS themselves nor can buyers see all the information contained in the listings. No, no, that would ruin everything. What a load of crap, everyone needs to wake up! And albeit slowly, they are.
Thankfully, due to craigslist and other alternatives people are beginning to see the light. For instance here in Washington there’s several resources to help FSBOs get on the MLS like NWREALTY.COM, MLS4OWNERS.COM, FLATLIST.COM etc. So, we think the dark ages of real estate are numbered and none too soon. RealSores need to go the way of Dinosaurs! If you know one, tell them they’re organization (The NAR) is nothing more than a fraudulent scheme to dupe everyone out of money while making the largest, most personal purchases of their lives. There is zero benefit for using a RealTurd other than those they’ve concocted while systematically defrauding the public for trillions over the last hundred years. If you use a RealFuror to BUY property, you lose. It’s as simple as that.
So, if you’re a serious buyer, never, ever sign any kind of “Buyers Agent” Agreement with a RealDhrrr. And make it a point to talk to sellers directly, you’ll be amazed at how much more you’ll find out about the properties you’re considering in both good and bad terms. Even if there is a negative about any particular property you’ll find the majority of sellers are naturally driven to talk to you about it and share their ideas they’ve came up with to correct or live with the problem.  They’re the only ones who have the knowledge or care enough to spend time worrying about such things.
And finally, the Coup De Gras; If you’re worried about getting screwed (which every scumbag with a license to monetarily rape you will make you believe would happen without them) just try suing a RealGore or a Seller who’s used them and they’re ridiculous contracts. Slow down, read through all the BS and take it all in sometime. You’ll see for yourself they are written in earnest to protect RealLurers and the Sellers who use them, Not Buyers. Form 17 is a total joke full of completely ambiguous questions that Sellers can answer without revealing a thing. The fact is that you can save a lot of money, be less prone to deception, more likely to find the property you desire at a better price, become better informed and in fact safer from a legal standpoint from dealing directly with owners! And that’s the amazing truth which goes against every fairy tale ever strewn by the National Association of RealTards or echoed by their soldiers. Surprise, surprise.
And if a RealHorror tells you to “watch out” or “be careful” with those Commission Robbing For Sale By Owner Properties, ask them specifically what to watch out for and then……watchout. That’s called due diligence and it’s required in any transaction of significance. The irony is that they themselves are famous for not “watching out” for buyers and that’s called “Silent Fraud”, which RealTurds have been branded by many as the kings and queens of! There’s thousands of horror stories from buyers who bought the homes of their nightmares through RealHorrors only to find they have zero rights to litigate because they signed them all away using their bogus contracts!
So, At least they have part of the warning right, everyone should watch out…………….. .for RealTURDS!!!