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After watching that there’s no way even the most stupid of dumbasses wouldn’t be able to get it! EVERYTHING IS A LIE FROM THE ENEMIES OF WE THE PEOPLE. The very same enemies exposed by famous figures such as Yeshua and Mohamet. That’s who we’ve been exposing for 10 years while all the pathetic cowards and traitors who opposed us did nothing. Is that YOU?

Lo and behold every single thing we’ve said for the last 10 years is 100% TRUE. Were YOU too f*cking stupid to listen and see the OBVIOUS? Now all of you fools are going to lose the rest of your rights and freedom under martial law enacted by the worthless kikes who’ve deceived you all as if you were blubbering infants. (While we believers are totally protected from their assaults, we will be living as if nothing has happened all the while exactly as we have till now!)

And more importantly, the dumbf*cks who think they’re “jew-ish” are nothing but pawns deceived by their forefathers who were also deceived by their forefathers all the way back to the original deceivers, lucifer and his minion who aren’t “angels” they’re “shedim” or “familiar spirits” biblically and “jinn” quranically. They’re reptilian ETs who never left and have deceived all the dumb jews into thinking they’re from bloodlines of Gods’ angels when they’re not, they’re evil, lowlife snakes who are going to burn in hell for eternity.

Regardless, in the end we will be the only ones remaining at JCR, and other good, believing men and women will be the only ones remaining on earth.







And “LASTLY” from Davids’ recent completion of translating “The Quran for Christians”.


Take It. It’s Free!


You’re going to be surprised about what you learn in just the introduction alone, GUARANTEED!


The following compilation of verses from that Quran are about what our enemies can count on as their ultimate fates. Godspeed all you worthless, lowlife pieces of sh*te!

The Quran being Gods’ final testament to mankind from His last prophet Mohamet, it makes sense that there would be a greater focus on Judgement Day than in that of other scriptures. When separated from the rest of the Quran this becomes a very weighty and sobering read that should be taken in frequently by all believers. Being ready for a good outcome on Judgement Day is after all, the entire point of ones’ life.

~ Enjoy (or despise) the reminder! ~


1:1 In the Name of YHWH; the Almighty, the Merciful.

1:2 All praise to You
Lord of the worlds

1:3 the Merciful, the Compassionate.

1:4 The Only Master of Judgement Day.

2:8 And among men is he who says: We believe in God and the Last Day but they are not believers.

2:48 And be in wise fear of the Day no soul will avail a soul anything
nor will intercession be accepted from it
nor will compensation be taken from it
nor will they be helped.

2:85 . . . Then the reward of him among you who does this is only degradation in the life of this world
and on the Day of Resurrection they are sent back to the harshest punishment
for God is not unmindful of everything you do.

2:113 And the talmudists say:
The christians have nothing to stand upon
and the christians say:
The talmudists have nothing to stand upon when they read the talmud.
Thus say those who know not
and God will judge between them on the Day of Resurrection concerning that wherein they differed

2:126 And when Abraham said: My Lord make this a secure land
provide its people some fruits
for them who believe in God and the Last Day.
He said: Yes and also for whoever denies
I will let him enjoy a little too
then will I drive him to the punishment of the fire
and that evil eternal misery is their journeys’ end.

2:174 Those who conceal what God has revealed in the Torah the truth about “do not kill” and sell the book for a cheap price
these eat into their bellies only fire.
And God will not speak to them on the Day of Resurrection
nor will He increase them in God consciousness
indeed they have a painful punishment.

2:177 It is not virtuous that you turn your faces towards the east and the west.
Virtuous is
whoever believes in God
and the Last Day

2:212 Made seem fair is the life of this world for the deceived
those who deride those who believe.
But those who are in wise fear will be above them on the Day of Resurrection.

2:254 O you who believe spend wisely of what we have provided you before there comes a Day wherein is neither commerce
nor friendship
nor intercession
for the fools
who are the wrongdoers.

2:281 And be in wise fear of a Day in which you will be returned to God
when every soul will be paid in full what it has earned
and they will not be wronged.

3:9 Our Lord Thou are gathering mankind to a Day about which there is no doubt
for God does not break any appointment.

3:25 Then how will it be when we gather them to a Day about which there is no doubt
and every soul is paid in full what it earned?
And they will not be wronged.

3:30 The Day every soul will be summoned to find what it did of good
and what it did of evil
it will wish there were between the two a great expanse.
God warns you of Himself
and God is kind to the servants.

3:55 When God said: O Yeshua I will take thee and raise thee to Me and purify thee of those who disbelieve.
And I will make those who follow thee far superior to disbelievers in the Day of Resurrection
and then to Me is your return.
And I will judge between you concerning that wherein you differed.

3:77 Those who abandon their covenant with God and their oaths with men for a cheap price
these there is no portion for them in the hereafter.
And God will not speak to them or look at them on the Day of Resurrection
nor will He increase them in God consciousness in the mean time
for they have a painful punishment in store.

3:106 The Day faces will brighten and faces will cloud over.
As for those whose faces cloud over
did you deny after your faith?
Then taste the punishment for what you denied!

3:107 And for those whose faces brighten
is the mercy of God wherein they abide eternally.

3:161 And it is not for a prophet that he should defraud
whoever defrauds will come with what he defrauded on the Day of Resurrection.
Then will every soul be paid in full for what it earned
and they will not be wronged.

3:180 And let not those who are miserly with what
God gives them of His bounty think it is good for them.
The Truth is it is evil for them
hung around their necks will be that with which they were miserly
on the Day of Resurrection.

3:185 Yea every soul will taste death
and you will be paid in full your rewards on the Day of Resurrection.
And whoever is averted from the fire and made to enter the garden
he has attained triumph
for the life of this world is only the enjoyment of a massive illusion.

3:194 Our Lord give us what Thou has promised us by Thy messengers
and humiliate us not on the Day of Resurrection.
Thou will not break Thy solemn declaration.

4:39 And how would it harm them to have believed in
God and the Last Day
and to spend for God of what God has provided them?

4:42 On that Day the disbelievers and those who oppose the messenger will wish they were long dead laying on the ground
and they will not conceal from God anything.

4:87 God
there is no god but He.
He will gather you all to the Day of Resurrection whereof there is no doubt
and who is more Truthful than God in promises?

4:109 Elsewise here you are
pleading for them in the life of this world
but who will plead with God for them on the
Day of Resurrection?
Yea who will be their guardian then?

4:159 And there is no talmudist that will believe on Yeshua before they die
but on the Day of Resurrection he himself will bear witness against them!

4:162 But those established in knowledge they
believe in what is sent down to thee and what was sent down before thee
as do the upholders of the prayer
and those conscious of Gods’ constant presence
and the believers in God and the Last Day.
These will we give an immense reward.

5:36 And those who disbelieve
were they to have all the treasures in the earth
and the like thereof to double it
to ransom them from the punishment on the
Day of Resurrection
it would not be accepted from them.
Nay. They have a painful punishment.

5:69 Truly all those who believe
and hold firmly to monotheism
among the sabaeans
and the christians
and whoever else believes in God and the Last Day and heeds Gods’ laws while doing works of righteousness
they need not fear
nor will they regret.

5:109 The Day God gathers the messengers
He will say: What was their response to you?
They will say: They had no knowledge.
Truly Thou are the Knower of the unseen realms.

5:119 God will say: This is the Day in which the Truthful are benefited by their Truthfulness!
They have gardens beneath which rivers flow
they abiding eternally therein forever
for God is pleased with them and hence they be pleased with Him.
That is the tremendous achievement.

6:12 Say: Unto whom belongs everything in the heavens and the earth?
Unto God belongs all!
And He himself has first ordained mercy for you
but He will bring you all together to the Day of
Resurrection whereof there is no doubt
and those who have lost their souls
are they who do not believe.

6:15 Say: I fear if I should oppose my Lord the punishment of an Onerous Day.

6:16 From whom Hell is averted that Day
He will have had mercy upon him
and that is the clear achievement.

6:22 And on the Day we gather them all together
we will question those who served other than God:
Where are their gods now?

6:31 They who doubt the meeting with God have lost
and when the Hour comes upon them unexpectedly
they will say: O our regret that we neglected this Day!
And they will bear their burdens upon their backs
yea and evil is what they will bear.

6:70 Keep not company with those who live their lives in play and diversion for the life of this world has deceived them.
So remind them of Truth lest their souls be taken for what they have earned on a Day when
they have not besides God any ally or intercessor
and no ransom however so great will be accepted.
These earn destruction with a scalding liquid and sore punishment because they denied.

6:73 And He it is Who created the heavens and the earth with Truth
and whatever He says: Be thou!
Then it is.
His speech is Truth
and to Him belongs the dominion on the Day the trumpet is blown.
He is the Knower of the unseen and the seen
the Wise, the Fully Aware.

6:93 . . . And if thou could see when the wrongdoers are in the throes of death in terror while the angels stretch forth their hands saying:
Bring forth your souls
this Day comes your reward of humiliating punishment
because you ascribed to God other than Truth
while denying His proofs and prophets!

6:128 And the Day He gathers them all together it will be said:
O congregation of jinn with your degenerate snaking imposters you have taken many among mankind.
And their partners among humans will say: Our Lord we benefited one another
but we reached our term which Thou deferred for us.
Then He will say: The fire is your dwelling
you abiding eternally therein except that I should will.
Thy Lord is wise, knowing.

6:130 O congregation of jinn and humans
came there not to you messengers from among you narrating to you My proofs and warning you of the meeting of this Day?
They will say: We bear witness against ourselves
and how the life of this world deceived us.
And they will bear witness against themselves that they were indeed fools.

6:158 Do they wait for the angels to come to them or thy Lord Himself should come or there come some other proofs of thy Lord?
The Day there does come clear proofs of thy Lord
the new faith of a soul will benefit it nothing for it had not believed before nor by its faith earned good.
So wait
we are waiting too.

7:8 And the weighing on that Day is the Truth
and he whose balance is heavy with it
these are the successful.

7:51 Those who took their doctrine as play and diversion
and whom the life of this world deceived
this Day do we forget them
as they forgot the meeting of this their Day
and as they rejected our miracles as proof.

7:53 Now await they only for the fulfillment thereof?
The Day the fulfillment comes those who had forgotten it before will say:
The messengers of our Lord brought the Truth
have we any of they who might intercede for us now?
Or can we be sent back that we might do other than what we did?
Nay! They have lost their souls
and strayed from them have the jinn they served.

9:35 The Day the fire of hell will be roaring
then therewith will be branded their foreheads and their sides and their backs
that is what you amassed for your souls.
Taste what you amassed!

10:28 And on the Day we will gather them all together
will we say to those who serve other than God:
Here are your places you and your partners
and we will separate them
and their partners will say: It was not us you served!

10:45 And the Day He gathers them will be as though they had tarried only an hour of a day
then they will recognize one another.
These will have lost
those who doubted the meeting with God
for they were not rightly guided.

11:8 And if we delay for them the punishment until a reckoned time they will say: What detains it?
In Truth the Day it comes to them and there will be no averting it from them
and surrounding them will be that which they had mocked.

11:102-08 And thus is the seizing of thy Lord when He takes the cities of those who were doing wrong.
Yea His seizing is painful, strong.
In that is a proof for those who fear the punishment of the hereafter.
That is a Day to which mankind will be gathered
and that is a Day intensely witnessed by all.
And we delay it only to a term appointed by God.
On the Day it comes no soul will speak except by Gods’ permission
and among them are the miserable and the glad.
And as for those who are miserable
into the fire!
They only have therein moaning and wailing.
They abiding eternally therein
so long as the heavens and the earth endure
but that thy Lord should will
for thy Lord is doer of what He wills.
And as for those who are glad
into the garden!
They abiding eternally therein
so long as the heavens and the earth endure
but that thy Lord should will
a bestowal without end.

14:40-44 My Lord make me one to uphold the prayer
and my progeny
our Lord accept my prayer.
Our Lord please forgive me and my parents and the believers the Day the reckoning takes place.
Yea think not that God is unmindful of what the wrong doers do.
He but grants them respite till a Day wherein the eyes will stare fixed in horror.
Running forward
their heads looking up
unable to look away
and their minds void.
And warn thou mankind of the Day the punishment will come upon them
when those who do wrong will say:
Our Lord delay us a little while
yea we will respond to Thy call and follow Thy messengers.
Yet did they not swear that there would be no such end for them?

14:48-51 The Day the earth is changed to another earth
along with the heavens
they will come before God the One, the Omnipotent.
And thou sees the evildoers that Day bound together in shackles.
Then covered with tar
and the fire consuming their faces.
This that God rewards each soul for what it earned
yea and God is swift in reckoning.

16:27-32 Then on the Day of Resurrection will He disgrace them and say:
Where are My partners for whom you made breaches?
Those possessed of knowledge will say:
Disgrace and evil are upon fools this Day!
Those whom the angels take for having wronged their souls
they will propose to surrender saying:
We were not doing any evil
but verily God knows everything you did.
So enter the gates of Hell
abiding eternally therein
yea evil is the dwelling of the arrogant.
And it will be said to those who were in wise fear:
What did your Lord send down?
They will say: Good.
Yea for those who do good in this world there is good
and the home of the hereafter is better
for excellent is the home for those of wise fear.
Gardens of perpetual abode which they enter
beneath which rivers flow
and for them therein is whatever they will
thus does God reward those of wise fear.
Those whom the angels take in states of goodness
they will say: Peace be unto you!
Enter the garden because of everything you did.

16:84-89 And the Day we raise up from every community a witness
no care will be given to those who disbelieve
nor will they be allowed to make amends.
And when those who do wrong behold the punishment
it will not be lightened for them
nor will they be granted respite.
And when those who worship other than God see what they served they will say:
Our Lord these jinn are our partners to whom we called rather than thee?
And the jinn will say to them: Yea you are liars!
And they will propose submission to God that Day
for strayed from them will be what they invented.
Those who disbelieve and barred from the path of God
we will increase them in punishment with more punishment for what they wrought of corruption.
And the Day we raise in every community a witness against them from among themselves
and we bring thee as a witness against these
and we sent down the book upon thee as a clarification of all things
and a guidance and mercy
and glad tidings for the submitted.

16:111 The Day every soul comes pleading for itself
and every soul is repaid in full for what it did
and they will not be wronged.

17:13 To everyone we have attached their fate to their neck
and we will bring forth for them on the Day of Resurrection a record in which they will see all of that which unfolded.

17:14 So read thou thy record
thy soul this Day suffices as reckoner against thee.

17:51-52 . . . And they will ask: Who will bring us back?
Say: He who made you the first time.
Then they will shake their heads at thee and ask: When will it be?
Say: It may be that it is near
the Day He will call you and you will respond in amazement of Him.
And you will come to know this life was but a glimpse in time and you spent it in error.

17:71 The Day we call every clan with their leaders
whoever is given his book in his right hand
these will read their book
and they will not be harmed in the least.

17:97 And he whom God guides:
he is rightly guided
and he whom He sends astray
for them will thou find no protectors besides Him.
And when we gather them on the Day of
Resurrection the looks on their faces will be as if they are blind
and dumb
and deaf.
For their habitation is burning Hell
and whenever it subsides we increase for them an inferno.

18:47-49 And the Day we set in motion the mountains and thou sees the earth emerge
and we gather them
then will we not leave out a single one of them.
And they will be set before thy Lord in ranks
all will come to us as we created you the first time
those included are who claimed we made no assignment of such promise for you!
And the book will be set down
and thou will see the evildoers apprehensive of what is therein
and they will say: Woe is us!
What law is this that leaves out neither a small thing nor a great thing except has taken it into account?
And they will find all of what they did in clarity
and thy Lord wrongs no one.

18:52-53 And the Day He commands: Call my partners whom you claimed.
Then they will call them
but they will not respond to them
and we will make between them a place of ruin.
And the evildoers will behold the fire
and realize that they are to fall therein without escape therefrom forever.

18:99-102 And we will leave them that Day to surge one upon another evil humans and jinn and the degenerate snaking imposters
when the trumpet is blown
and we gather them one and all.
And Hell will be displayed to the fools.
Those whose eyes were under a covering from my remembrance
and who were unable to hear.
Did those who disbelieve think that they could take My jinn servants as protectors instead of Me?
We have prepared Hell for fools as a welcoming gift.

18:103-08 Say: Shall we inform you of those most in loss by deeds?
Those who wander astray in the life of this world
while thinking that they do good by their handiwork.
These are they who deny the proofs of their Lord and the meeting with Him
and their works are vain
so we assign to them on the Day of Resurrection no weight for balance.
That is their reward Hell because they denied
and made mockery of our proofs and our messengers.
Those who believe
and do deeds of righteousness
they have the gardens of paradise as a welcoming gift.
And they will live eternally therein
desiring not any relocation for it is paradise.

19:37-39 But among the parties were those in disbelief
so woe to those who were ungrateful from the scene of an Onerous Day!
They will hear and they will see on the Day they come to us! For the first time they will see and hear God and His angels.
But the wrongdoers are today in obvious error.
So warn thou them of the Day of Regret
when the matter will be concluded
while they are in heedlessness today
and still do not believe.

19:85-87 The Day we gather those of wise fear to the Almighty as honored guests
and drive the evildoers into Hell as a place of arrival
none will have power of intercession
except he who has taken a pledge with the Almighty.

19:93-96 Know you not that everyone in the heavens and the earth comes to the Almighty as His servant.
He has counted them and numbered them by number.
And each of them will come alone to Him on the Day of Resurrection.
Those who believe
and do deeds of righteousness
the Almighty will appoint for them loving care.

20:98-112 For God is God
there is no god but He
and He encompasses all things in knowledge.
Thus do we narrate to thee some reports of what has gone before
and have given thee remembrance from our presence.
Whoever turns from it
he will bear a burden on the Day of Resurrection.
And they will live eternally therein
so how evil the load is for them on the Day of Resurrection.
The Day the trumpet is blown
that Day will we gather the evildoers
white eyed with fear
and whispering among themselves:
Woe this be eternal as if we tarried only ten days here.
Yea we know best what they will say when their former peoples who are already in hell will say:
Nay you tarried barely a day.
And when they ask thee about the mountains
say: My Lord will scatter them utterly
and leave them a level plain
wherein thou will see neither hills nor valleys.
That Day will they follow those summoning without deviation the angels
and their voices will be humbled for the Almighty
thou hearing not except whispers.
That Day no intercession will avail except whom the Almighty gives permission
and with whose word He is pleased.
He knows what is at their time and what follows them
and of this they do not have knowledge.
And faces will be humble before the Living the Eternal
and He who commits injustice will have failed.
But whoever does deeds of righteousness and is a believer
he fears neither injustice nor limits of provision.

20:124 . . . whoever turns away and forgets My favors
for him is a restricted life
and we will gather him as if deaf dumb and blind on the Day of Resurrection.
He will say: My Lord why has Thou gathered me among the blind when I used to see?
He will say: Thus our proofs came to thee and thou did forget them
so thus are thou forgotten this Day.
And thus do we reward committers of excess
disbelievers of the proofs of his Lord.
And the punishment of the hereafter is far more severe and everlasting.

21:47 And we will set the balance of equity for the Day of Resurrection
when no soul will be wronged in anything
for if it be of the weight of a mustard seed we will bring it
for sufficient are we as account takers.

21:103-04 The greatest terror will not grieve them
for the angels will receive them saying:
This is your Day which you were promised.
The Day we roll up the heavens
like the rolling up of a scroll of books
as we began the first creation we will repeat it.
Yea it is promise upon us
and we are to do it.

22:1-2 O mankind be in wise fear of your Lord
for the convulsion of the Hour is an astounding thing.
The Day you see it every nursing mother will neglect her sucklings
and every one bearing will deliver her burden unexpected
and thou will see mankind intoxicated yet not intoxicated
for the punishment of God is severe.

22:8-9 And among men is he who foolishly disputes concerning God
without knowledge
or guidance
or an illuminating decree.
Twisting his neck to turn away
that he might be led away from the path of God.
For him in this world is degradation
and on the Day of Resurrection we will make him taste the punishment of the consuming fire.

22:55-57 But disbelievers will not cease having grave doubts
until the Hour comes upon them unexpectedly
and comes to them the punishment on a barren Day.
The dominion on that Day belongs to God alone
and He will judge between them.
Then are those who believe and do deeds of righteousness given the gardens of bliss.
And those who disbelieve and deny our proofs
they have a humiliating punishment.

23:101-11 Then when the trumpet is blown there will be no ties of kinship among them that Day
nor will they ask of one another anything.
Then whose balance is heavy in good deeds
these are the successful.
And whose balance is light
these are they who lost their souls
they will abide eternally in Hell.
The fire scorching their faces
and they will be scowling in morose.
They will say: Our Lord our misery has overcome us
and we were a people led astray.
Our Lord bring us out of this
then if we go revert then are we wrongdoers.
He will say: Be despised therein
and speak not to Me!
Some of My servants said:
Our Lord we believe
so forgive us
and have mercy on us
for Thou are the Best of those who have mercy.
But you who took My messengers as a laughing stock to the point you forgot My remembrance. Yea you laughed at them.
So I have rewarded them this Day for their patience
and they are the triumphant.

24:23-25 Yea those who falsely accuse chaste believing women
cursed are they in this world and the hereafter
they have earned a horrifying punishment!
The Day their tongues and their hands and their feet bear witness against them as to what they did.
That Day God will pay them in full for what they earn
then they will know that God, He is the Clear Truth.

24:37 Blessed are those whom neither trade nor commerce divert from remembrance of God
and upholding the prayer
and being conscious of Gods’ presence.
Yea they fear a Day wherein hearts will pound and eyes will stare.

25:10-14 Blessed be He who if He wills will make for thee better than all that.
Yea Gardens beneath which rivers flow
and He will make for thee palaces to thrive in.
The Truth is they have rejected the Hour
and for him who rejects the Hour have we prepared an inferno.
When it sees them from a place far away they hear the furious raging and moans from those therein.
And when they are cast in constricted and bound together they call out wishing for death.
Yea but they call not this Day for one death
but call for many deaths in eternal destruction!

25:21-29 And those who look not to a meeting with us say:
Oh that the angels were but sent down upon us
or we were personally visited by our Lord!
They have been proud concerning themselves
yea scornful with great pride.
For the Day they see the angels
that Day there will be no glad tidings for the evildoers
and they will say: Comes a banning without end!
And we will proceed to determine what they did of deeds and make them scattered dust.
But the companions of the garden that Day are best in habitation a far fairer resting place.
The Day the sky and the clouds are rent asunder and the angels are sent down in succession.
The true dominion that Day belongs to the Almighty
and it is indeed a difficult Day for fools.
The Day the wrongdoer will gnaw at his hands
Would that I had taken a way with the messenger!
Woe is me!
Would that I had not taken fools for friends!
Yea they led me astray from the remembrance after it reached me
for the degenerate snaking imposter is a traitor to man.

25:63-76 The servants of the Almighty are they who walk upon the earth modestly
and when the ignorant come to them they speak with peace.
Those who spend the night in submission and in rising to their Lord.
And who say: Our Lord avert from us the punishment of Hell
for the punishment thereof is unrelenting.
Miserable is that abode which is devoid of rest.
But those who when they spend are neither extravagant nor miserly
a place in between.
And who call not to another god with God
nor kill any soul which God has made unlawful except rightfully
nor commit indecencies
for who so does that will meet requital.
The punishment will be doubled for him on the Day of Resurrection
then he abides eternally therein forever humiliated.
But he who repents and believes and works righteousness
for such God will change their evil to good deeds
yea God is forgiving, merciful.
And whoever does repent and works righteousness
it is he who submits to God completely.
Those who do not bear witness to falsehood
and when they hear idle talk pass by nobly.
Those when they are reminded by the proofs of their Lord fall not back unwilling to hear and see.
And who say: Our Lord give to us from our wives and our progeny a delight to the eye
and make us a model for those of wise fear.
Such will be rewarded with the high place because they were patient
and they will be met therein with greetings and peace.
And they will live eternally therein
excellent is the abode a place of rest.

27:83-85 And the Day we gather from every community a unit of those who deny our proofs
then will they be marshalled to march in rank to us.
When they have come He will say:
Did you refuse My proofs without so much as an attempt to grasp them?
Or what was it that you did?
And the word will fall hard on them because they did wrong
and they will speak nothing in defense.

27:87-90 And the Day the trumpet will be blown
whoever is in the heavens and the earth will be in terror
except who God wills.
And all will come to Him abased in lowliness.
And when thou sees the mountains
ye thinks them solid
but they will pass like the passing of the clouds.
Hence the work of God who perfected all things!
And He is aware of everything you do.
Whoever brings a good deed
for him will be better than it
and they will be secure that Day from the terror.
And whoever brings evil will be thrown down on their faces in the fire.
For are you rewarded except for everything you did?

28:61-67 Is then he whom we have promised a fair promise which he will encounter
like him whom we give enjoyment of the goods of the life of this world
then on the Day of Resurrection is among those summoned?
And the Day He summons them He will say:
Where are My partners whom you claimed?
Those upon whom the sentence has become binding the fallen jinn will say:
Our Lord these are they whom we caused to err
we caused them to err even as we ourselves did err.
We declare our innocence before thee
for it was not us that they served. They are doing this in an attempt to mitigate their punishment in the varying levels of Hell.
And it will be said to idolaters: Call your partners
and they will call them
but they will not answer
and they will see the punishment
had they only been rightly guided!
And the Day He summons them He will say:
How did you respond to your messenger?
Then dark tidings will become clear against them that Day
and they will not aid one another in anything.
And as for him who repents and believes and works righteousness
it may be that he will be among the successful.

28:74 Yea the Day He summons them He will say:
Where are My partners whom you claimed?

29:25 And he said: You have chosen idols instead of God
and the love between you is but for the life of this world.
And on the Day of Resurrection you will deny each other
and curse each other
and your habitation will be the fire
where you will have no protectors.

29:54-55 Yea they seek to get the punishment over with
so Hell will encompass those fools.
The Day the punishment covers them from above and from beneath their feet.
And He will say: Taste it for what you said!

30:12-17 And the Day the Hour comes the evildoers will be seized with despair.
And those who they served will not intercede for them
and they will come to know and despise them.
Yea the Day the Hour comes
that Day will they be divided.
As for those who believe and do righteous deeds
they will be made joyous in lush meadows.
But for those who do evil deeds
and deny our proofs
and the meeting of the hereafter
these will be summoned to the punishment.
So give glory unto God when you reach the evening!
And when you reach the morning!

30:55-57 And the Day comes when the transgressors will swear they lived for but an hour in comparison to what they see then
thus were they deluded.
But those to whom knowledge and faith were given will say:
These deluded disrespected Gods’ word all the way till the Day of Resurrection
so suddenly is this Day of Resurrection
about which you cared not.
That Day their justifications will not profit those who do wrong
nor will they be allowed to make amends.

31:33 O mankind be in wise fear of your Lord
and fear the Day the father will not avail his child
nor will the child avail his father anything.
The promise of God is true
so let not the life of this world deceive you
and let not the deceivers deceive you about God.

32:13-14 And had we willed we would have given every soul its guidance
but the word from Me is binding
and I will fill Hell with jinn and humans all together.
So taste!
Because you forgot the meeting of this your Day we forgot you
so taste the punishment for eternity because of everything you did!

32:28-30 And they say: When is this Decisive Day if you be Truthful?
Say: On the Day of Decision
the then new faith of those who disbelieved will not avail them
nor will they be granted respite.
So turn away from them and wait
for they are waiting.

33:43-44 For He it is Who blesses you as do His angels
that He might bring you forth from darkness into light.
He is merciful to the believers.
Their greeting the Day they meet Him is Peace!
And He has prepared for them a noble reward.

33:64-68 God has cursed the fools among men
and prepared for them an inferno.
They abiding eternally therein forever
they will find no ally or protector.
The Day their faces are tossed about in the fire
they will say: If only we had obeyed God and obeyed the messenger!
And they will say: Our Lord we obeyed our leaders and our great men
but they led us astray from the way.
So our Lord give them double punishment and curse thou them with a great curse.

34:40-42 And the Day He gathers them all together He will say to the angels:
Did these serve you?
They will say: Glory be unto thee!
Thou are our ally not them
for the Truth is they served the jinn
because most of them believe their whisperings.
And on that Day when you hold for one another neither benefit nor harm
we will say to those who did wrong:
Taste the punishment of the fire which you denied!

36:54-59 This Day no soul is wronged in any way
for you are not rewarded except for everything you did.
And the companions of the garden this Day are engaged in gladness
they and their wives in comfortable shade
reclining upon raised couches.
And they have therein fruit
or whatever else they call for.
And peace
will be the word from the Compassionate Lord.
And you will be separate this Day O evildoers!

36:64-65 Burn therein this Day for what you denied.
This Day we seal their mouths
and their hands speak to us
and their feet bear witness of the evils they did with them
as to what they earned.

37:20-34 And they will say: Woe is us! This is the Day of Judgement!
This is the Day of Decision which you denied!
Gather those who did wrong and their kinds and what they used to serve
instead of God
and drag them on the path to Hell.
But stop them at one point
for they are to be questioned:
What ails you that you help not one another?
The Truth is this Day are they in complete submission!
And some come forward to others demanding answers saying:
You were an authority over us
and they will say: You were not believers
and we had no authority over that.
The Truth is you were people transgressing all bounds.
So the word of our Lord has become binding upon us all
and now we be tasting.
And if we misguided you
it is because we were misguided.
So they this Day are partners in the punishment
and thus do we with the evildoers.

39:13-20 Say: I fear if I should disobey my Lord the punishment of an Onerous Day.
Say: God do I serve and I am sincere to Him in my doctrine
so serve what you will besides Him.
Then you will be of those who lose themselves and their families on the Day of Resurrection.
And is that not the clear loss?
They will have blazing fire above them
and beneath them another blaze.
And with that does God put His servants in dread.
Yea says God: O my servants be in wise fear of Me!
And those who avoid idols so they serve them not and are repentant to God
for them are glad tidings
so give thou glad tidings to My servants.
Those who hear the word and follow the most thereof
these are whom God guides
and these are possessed of insight.
Then there is he upon whom the word of punishment has become binding.
Does thou think thou can rescue him from the fire?
Nay. But those who are in wise fear of their Lord
they have high places above which tall chambers are built
and beneath them rivers flow
that is the promise of God
and God does not break His promise!

39:47-48 And if the wrongdoers possessed all that is in the earth plus the same again
they would seek to ransom themselves with it from the punishment
on the Day of Resurrection.
Yea desperate will they be when they see what they had not anticipated.
When the horror they earned appears to them
and what they mocked encases them.

39:60-61 And on the Day of Resurrection thou will see those who lied about God their faces stark.
So is then the home of the arrogant not Hell?
And God will deliver those who are in wise fear to their place of safety
yea where evil touches them not
nor will they have regret.

39:67 And they measured God not with the measure due Him
for the earth is completely in His grip until the Day of Resurrection
when the heavens will be rolled up in His right hand.
Yea all Glory will be unto Him
and exalted is He above what they serve!

39:68 And the trumpet will be blown
and whoever is in the heavens and whoever is in the earth will fall down thunderstruck
except who God wills.
Then will it be blown again
and then will they all be standing looking on.

39:69 And the earth will shine with the light of its Lord
and the books will be laid down
and the prophets and the witnesses will be brought
and it will be concluded between them in Truth
and they will not be wronged.

39:70-75 Each soul will be paid in full for what it did
and He knows best what they did.
And those who disbelieved will be driven into Hell in throngs
when the gates thereof will be opened
and the keepers will say to them:
Came there not to you messengers from among you reciting proofs of your Lord
and warning you of the meeting today?
They will say: Yea.
But the word of punishment upon fools is binding.
It will be said: Enter the gates of Hell
for you will be abiding eternally therein
and horrific is the dwelling of the arrogant.
And those who are in wise fear of their Lord will be driven towards the garden in throngs
when the gates thereof have been opened
and the keepers will say to them:
Peace be unto you!
Yea you did well
so enter ye
the successful abiding eternally.
And they will say: Glory Be! All praise belongs to God who fulfilled His promise to us
and made us inherit the earth!
For we may settle in the garden wherever we will
and excellent is the reward of those who worked.
And thou will see the angels surrounding the throne
glorifying with the praise of their Lord
and it will be decided in Truth between them
and it will be said: All praise belongs to God
the Lord of the worlds!

40:16-18 The Day they emerge nothing of them will be hidden from God
so whose is the dominion this Day?
It belongs to God the One, the Omnipotent.
This Day is each soul is rewarded for what it earned
for there will be no injustice this Day
and God is swift in reckoning.
Yea warn thou them of the Approaching Day
when the hearts will choke in the throats
with no intimate friends for the wrongdoers!
Nor have they an intercessor who is obeyed!

40:46 Yea the fire
they are exposed to it morning and night
and the Day the Hour comes it will be said:
Cause the house of pharaoh to enter the most severe punishment!

40:47 And when they will dispute together in the fire
those who were deceived will say to those who deceived them:
We were your followers
so will you avail us from a share of the fire?

40:48-52 Those who were proud will say: We are all in it
for God has judged between the servants.
And those in the fire will say to the keepers of Hell:
Call to your Lord to lighten the punishment for a day.
They will say: Came not your messengers to you with clear evidence?
They will reply: Verily.
Then they will say: So call yourself
but the calls of fools are only for naught.
We help our messengers and those who believe during the life of this world and the Day the witnesses stand.
The Day their excuses avail not the wrongdoers
for they have the curse upon them
and they earned the evil abode.

41:19-25 On the Day the enemies of God are gathered for the fire
they will march in ranks headlong into it.
And when they have reached it their ears their eyes and their skins will bear witness against them
as to what they did.
And they will say to their skins: Why bear you witness against us?
They will say: God gave us speech He is Who gave all things speech.
And He created you the first time
and to Him will you be returned.
And you hid not yourselves for your ears your eyes and your skins bear witness against you.
Yea you thought God knew not of everything you did.
And that foolish assumption which you invented about your Lord has brought you to ruin
and you are now among the losers.
And even if they be patient and calm in repentance
then the fire will still be home for them.
Yea when they would then seek to make amends
they are not of those who can make amends.
And we assigned to them intimate companions
who made seem fair to them what was before and what was to come.
And hence upon them and the communities of jinn and humans before and after them is how the word became binding
they are losers.

42:44-47 And whom God sends astray
there is for him no ally after Him
and thou will see the wrongdoers when they see the punishment asking:
Is there any way back?
And thou will see them exposed to it
humbled in their ultimate weakness
looking on and glancing at each other
and those who believe will say:
The losers are those who lose themselves and their families on the Day of Resurrection.
Yea the unjust then will have a lasting punishment
and they have no protectors to help them besides God
for whom God sends astray
for him there is no way.
So respond to the words of your Lord before there comes a Day there is no running from God.
For you will have no refuge that Day
and no way to stop anything.

43:63-77 And when Yeshua came with blatant signs he said:
I have come to you with wisdom
and to clear up that wherein you differ of Gods word.
So be in wise fear of your God
and obey Me.
Truly God
He is your Lord and my Lord
so serve Him.
This is a straight path.
Still some parties among them differed
and with woe comes the punishment of a painful Day for those who chose wrong!
Await they merely for the Hour to come upon them unexpectedly when they perceive not?
Friends that Day will be enemies to one another except those of wise fear.
O My servants you need not fear this Day
nor will you regret.
Yea to those who believed in our proofs and submitted
we will say: Enter the garden
you and your spouses rejoicing.
Moving about among them will be plates and cups of gold
and there will be what the souls desire and the eyes delight in
and therein will you abide eternally.
For that is the garden which you are given as an inheritance for your good effort.
For you there is abundant fruit whereof you will eat
but the evildoers will abide in the punishment of Hell eternally.
And it will not be lightened for them
yea they will despair greatly therein.
And we wronged them not
for they are the wrongdoers.
And they will call out to their jinn: O malik let thy Lord make an end of us.
He will say: Here you and I will remain.

44:10-16 So wait for the Day the sky brings obvious smoke
that envelops the people
for this will be a painful punishment!
The fools will say: Our Lord remove from us this eminent punishment
for we are now believers!
But they had been reminded before with clear proofs from obvious messengers sent to them.
Still they turned away from their messengers and said:
One taught and possessed!
And when we removed hardship in the past they were only ingrates for it.
But on the Day we strike with the greatest violence we will exact irrevocable retribution.

44:40-42 And the Day of Decision is an appointed time for one and all.
The Day a friend cannot avail another friend
nor will they be helped by us.
Except he on whom God has mercy
for He is the Almighty, the Merciful.

45:26-31 Say: God gives you life
then He gives you death
then He gathers you to the Day of Resurrection whereof there is no doubt.
But most know not.
For to God belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth
and the Day the Hour comes
that Day those who follow deceptions will be lost.
And thou will see every community on its knees
every community called to its book that says:
This Day you are rewarded for everything you did.
This our decree speaks against you with Truth
for we recorded everything you did.
Then as for those who heeded warning and did deeds of righteousness
their Lord will make them enter into His mercy
and that is the clear achievement.
And as for those who were deceived it will be said:
Were not our proofs recited to you
and were you a proud and evildoing people?

45:32-35 And when it was said: The promise of God is true as is the Hour about which there is no doubt
those deceived said: We know not what the Hour is
for we think it be only conjecture
yea we are not convinced.
And the foolishness of what they did will become clear
when surrounds them all that whereat they mocked.
And it will be said: This Day we will forget you in Hell as you forgot the meeting of this your Day.
Yea your habitation is the fire
and you will never have any protectors.
That is because you made mockery of the proofs of God
and the life of this world deceived you.
So as of that Day they cannot escape
nor are they allowed to make amends.

46:17-20 And he who disbelieves says to his parents;
Are you telling me that I will be brought forth when generations have come and gone before me?
And they seek help of God saying: Woe to thee!
Believe thou believe!
The promise of God is true!
Then he says: This is only legends of former peoples.
These are they upon whom the word concerning the communities of jinn and humans which had come and gone before them became binding
and they are losers.
And for all are degrees for what they did
that He might repay them in full for their deeds
and they will not be wronged.
And the Day those who disbelieve are exposed to the fire it will be said:
You have now left your favorite things in the life of this world where you sought enjoyment therein.
But this Day you are rewarded with a humiliating punishment because you were proud in the earth without cause
and because you were wantonly disobedient.

46:34 And the Day those who disbelieve are exposed to the fire they will be asked:
Is then this not the Truth?
They will say: Verily by our Lord it is
and He will say: Then taste the punishment for what you denied!

46:35 So have patience as messengers prior who were imbued with constancy were patient
and seek not to hasten judgement of them.
The Day they see eternity they are promised it will be as though they had tarried but an hour of a day in this life.
Communicate this!
So only the wantonly disobedient will be destroyed.

50:19-35 And with the stupor of death will come the Truth
of what thou was avoiding!
Then the trumpet will be blown
and that is the Day of the Threat!
And every soul will come
with it an angel as driver and one as a witness.
Certainly you were heedless of this
but today we have removed your veil
so keen is your sight on this Day! We will suddenly be able to see God, His angels and all that exists in the unseen world.
And the recording angel will say:
This is what I have recorded and prepared.
Then cast into Hell is every stubborn ingrate!
Hinderers of good!
And sceptical transgressors
who set up with God another god!
Yea cast him into the severe punishment!
One recording angel will say:
Our Lord I did not cause him to transgress
but he had been going far astray.
He will say: Contend not in my presence
when I had sent my warnings ahead to you.
And the word with Me does not change
nor am I unjust to My servants.
The Day we say to Hell: Art thou full?
It will say: Is there more?
And the garden will be brought near
for the righteous.
We will say: This is what you were promised
for every one who turned and stayed repentant.
Those who feared the Almighty in the unseen
and came with a repentant heart
will enter it in peace.
And that is the Day of Eternity.
They have what they desire therein
and there is always more with us.

50:41-44 And listen for the Day the crier will cry from a place nearby.
The Day they will hear the blast in Truth
that is the Day of Emergence.
Yea we give life and we give death
and to us is the journeys’ end.
The Day the earth is rapidly rent asunder around them.
And that Day of gathering is easy for us.

51:12-18 They ask: When is the Day of Judgement?
Say: It is the Day they will be tried by fire.
So taste your persecution
this is what you sought to hasten!
While those of wise fear will be among gardens and springs
taking that which their Lord gives them.
For before that they were doers of good.
They often slept but little of the night
and at the break of day sought forgiveness.

52:9-28 On a Day the sky will spin a spinning
and the mountains will journey a journey
woe that Day to those who deny
and those who in jest do play.
The Day they are thrown into the fire of Hell!
This is the fire which you denied.
Be it sorcery? Or can you not see this now either?
Yea burn therein
and be patient or not patient
it is the same for you
you are only being rewarded for everything you did.
While those of wise fear are in gardens of bliss
glad with what their Lord has given them
for their Lord protected them from the punishment of Hell.
It is said: Eat and drink with calm for everything you did
reclining upon couches arrayed.
And we honor them with pure lovely eyed maidens.
And those who believe and whose progeny follow them in faith we cause to join them.
And we diminish not anything of their deeds
everyone is responsible for what they earn.
And we provide them with whatever fruit and delicacies they desire.
They contend with one another for a cup around which is neither idle talk nor sinfulness.
And there moves about serving them youths
as if well guarded pearls.
And some of them will draw near to others asking one another:
We were ones apprehensive before
but God has been gracious to us and has protected us from the punishment of the scorching wind.
Truly we did call to Him before
and indeed He is the Virtuous, the Merciful.

52:44-47 And if they were to see pieces of heaven descending they would say:
Clouds heaped up.
Then leave them until their Day in which they will be swooning and awestruck.
A Day in which their scheming will avail them nothing and they will not be helped.
And for those who do wrong is the punishment after that
but most know not.

54:6-8 . . . and on the Day the Caller calls to horror
their eyes will be humbled
when they come forth from the graves like scattered locusts
hastening towards the Caller with terror in their eyes.
Indeed those fools will say:
This is a difficult Day!

54:48 The Day they are dragged into the fire upon their faces
it will be said: Taste the touch of Saqar!

55:33-76 O congregation of jinn and humans
if you can pass through the firmament between the heavens and the earth then pass.
Nay. You will not pass except by our authority.
Sent against you will be a flame of fire and smoke
and you will not escape.
And when the sky is rent asunder and becomes rosy like oil.
And that Day neither humans nor jinn will be asked about their sin.
The evildoers will be known by their marks
and seized by the forelocks and the feet. Their marks are the expressions of horror on their faces.
Then comes Hell which the evildoers denied!
They will crawl to and fro between the blaze and a fiercely scalding liquid forever.
But for him who feared the station of his Lord are two gardens.
Of many beautiful creations.
In them two springs flow.
In them of every sort of fruit in diverse pairs.
Reclining upon couches lined with brocade
and fruits of both gardens ripe hanging low.
In both are kind and modest servants
whom neither humans nor jinn have known.
As if they be like rubies and small pearls.
Is the reward for kindness other than kindness?
And besides them two other gardens.
Two of the deepest green.
In them two gushing springs.
With fruit and date palms and pomegranate.
In all good and beautiful creatures.
Fair ones sheltered in pavilions.
Whom neither humans nor jinn have known.
Reclining on green cushions and fine carpets.
Blessed be the name of thy Lord
possessor of the Majesty and the Splendor!

56:1-62 When the inevitable befalls
there will be no more denial
on the Day that abases some and exalts others.
When the earth will rock with a rocking
and the mountains crumble away
scattered like dust
and you will be three kinds.
The companions of the right
who are the companions of the right?
And the companions of the left
who are the companions of the left?
And the vanguard
who are the vanguard?
Those brought near
in the gardens of bliss
a multitude of the former peoples
and a few of the latter
are on couches inlaid with precious stones
reclining upon them facing one another.
Servant youths made eternal move about among them
with bowls and pitchers and a cup from a running spring
wherefrom they have no headache
nor do they become drunken.
And fruit of their choosing
and such flesh of fowl as they desire.
And kind servants of modesty with beautiful eyes
as if were pearls closely guarded
as reward for what members of the vanguard did.
They hear therein neither vain speech nor falsity
only the saying:
And the companions of the right
who are the companions on the right?
Among thornless lote trees
and acacia piled up in layers
and shade extended
and water poured forth
and plenteous fruit
unfailing and unceasing
it is an exalted place of restfulness.
We have brought them into being anew
and made them like virgins sexually innocent and moral
pure of speech and well matched
for the companions of the right hand.
Made up of a multitude of the former peoples
and a multitude of the latter.
And the companions of the left
who are the companions of the left?
Those in scorching heat and scalding liquid
under a shadow of black smoke
which is neither cool nor generous.
They were before that made opulent
and persisted in the vain wickedness
those who said in doubt: When we are dead and have become dust and bones will we be raised up?
And our forefathers?
Say: Truly the ancient ones and the later ones
will be gathered together at the appointed time on a known Day.
Again O you erring deniers
you will eat of a tree of zaqqum
and fill your bellies therewith
and drink of a scalding liquid on top of that
and drink as the thirst wracked camel drinks.
This is their welcoming gift on the Day of Judgement.
We created you
and if only you had given credence!
Have you considered what you spill of human seed?
Did you create the system or are we the creator?
Yea and we have decreed death for you
and we will not be outrun.
And we will change your likenesses by creating you as creatures you know not
unlike the former creation. New different bodies just for hell!
Yea you will come to know if only you had took heed!

57:12-16 The Day thou will see the believing men and the believing women their light running under their authority and on their right hand
glad news for you this Day!
Gardens beneath which rivers flow!
They will live eternally therein
and that is the crowning achievement.
The Day the talmudic men and the talmudic
women will say to those who believe:
Look upon us that we might borrow of your light.
It will be said: Go back and seek light.
Then there will be set up between them a wall having a gate
on the inside thereof
on the outside thereof
They will cry to them: Were we not with you?
They will say: Verily but you subjected your souls to persecution
and doubting
with vain desires which deceived you until the command of God came to pass.
Yea the deceivers deceived you about God.
So this Day no ransom will be taken from you or from those who disbelieve
your shelter will be the fire
that is your reward.
And evil is the journeys’ end.
Is it not time for the hearts of believers to grow humble at the remembrance of God?
And to take heed of this Quran more seriously
than those in possession of the word before? Those are weighty questions from God that reveal the significance of this Quran being delivered from the LAST prophet before END TIMES! Hence these MANY, MANY verses about Judgement Day which should be the main focus of everyone living today. Yea, read this compilation frequently!

58:5-7 Those who oppose God and His messenger will be brought low as those before them were brought low.
And we have sent down clear proofs
hence for fools is a humiliating punishment.
The Day God raises them all together He will inform them of what they did.
God recorded it all
while they forgot it.
For God is witness over all things.
Has thou not considered that God knows everything in the heavens and the earth?
There is no confidential conversation of three because He is their fourth.
Nor of five because He is their sixth.
Nor of less than that nor of greater because He is with mankind wherever they be always.
Then will He inform them of what they did on the Day of Resurrection
for God knows all things.

58:14-22 Has thou not considered those who take as partners a people with whom God is wroth?
They are not of you and you are not of them
and they swear oaths in falsehood
while they know it.
God has prepared for them a severe punishment
for evil is what they did.
They took their oaths as a cover
and forsook the path of God.
So for them comes a humiliating punishment.
Their wealth and their children will avail them nothing against God.
These are the companions of the fire
wherein they will abide eternally.
The Day God raises them one and all
then will they swear to Him as they swore before.
And they will think that they still stand upon something
but they are nothing but liars.
Their lies overcame them and caused them to forget the remembrance of God.
These are of the synagogue of satan
the party of the degenerate snaking imposter and they are definite losers.
Those who work against God and His messenger
they will be among the lowest most miserable.
God has decreed: I will conquer
I and my messengers
for God is strong, mighty.
Thou will not find people who believe in God and the Last Day among those who work against God and His messenger.
Even if they be their fathers or their sons or their brethren or their kindred.
For these believers
He has decreed faith in their hearts and strengthened them with His Spirit
and makes them enter gardens beneath which rivers flow
and they will live eternally therein.
For God is pleased with them
and they are pleased with Him.
These are the party of God
and no doubt the party of God
they are the successful.

64:9-10 The Day He will raise you for the Day of Gathering
that will be the Day of mutual loss and gain.
For whoever believes in God and works righteousness
He will remove from him his evil
and make him enter gardens beneath which rivers flow
abiding forever therein eternally.
That is the tremendous achievement!
But those who disbelieve and deny our proofs
these are the companions of the fire
ones who will dwell in it forever eternally.
How miserable is their journeys’ end!

66:6-8 O you who believe protect yourselves and your families from a fire whose fuel is jinn and humans and stones
over which are angels who are
not opposing God in what He demands of punishment
indeed fully doing what they are commanded!
O you who are deceived you will make no excuses for yourselves on the Day
you are only to be rewarded for what you did!
O you who believe turn to God for forgiveness sincere remorseful and repentant
and it may be your Lord will remove from you your evil
and make you enter gardens beneath which rivers flow.
Yea all on a Day when God will not disgrace the prophet and those who believe with him.
Their light will shine before them and on their right
and they will say: Our Lord please perfect our light for us and forgive us
for Thou are powerful over all things.

68:39-43 And there are oaths binding upon us until the
Day of Resurrection that you will have whatever you yourselves choose.
And ask them: Who is the guarantor for all that?
And if they have partners with God
then let them bring their partners if they be Truthful.
The Day the dreadful is uncovered
and they are then desperately inclined to submission
but it will do no good!
Indeed the sight of hell will humble them
and their stupidity will cover them in abasement
knowing they had been invited to submit
when they were still able.

69:13-30 Then when the trumpet is blown with a single blast
and the earth and the mountains are lifted up and leveled with a single leveling
that Day the inevitability will be the reality.
The heavens will be rent asunder that Day
as if they are frail.
The angels will be upon its borders
and eight will bear the throne of thy Lord above them.
That Day will you be presented your book
no secret among you will be hidden.
And as for him who is given his book in his right hand
He will say: Here read my book
for I knew that I would meet my reckoning.
Then will He have a pleasing life
in a high garden
where the fruits hang low and it is said:
Eat and drink with ease for what you sent before you in days past.
And as for him who is given his book in his left hand
he will say: If only this record of mine had not been kept
for I did not learn of this being my reckoning!
Yea if only death had been the end!
Now my wealth does not avail me
and gone from me is my authority.
Take him!
And fetter him!

69:31-39 Then burn him in Hell!
And anchor him to a chain the length of seventy cubits!
He believed not in God the Almighty
and encouraged not helping those in need.
So there is for him no intimate friend here this Day
nor food except of foul puss
which is only eaten by those who erred.
This do I swear by what you see
and what you see not.

70:1-18 One who supplicates asked for a punishment that will come
upon all the fools for which there is none to avert it
from God
the owner of the stairways of ascent.
The angels and the Spirit ascend to him during a day the measure whereof is fifty thousand years.
So be thou patient with a graceful patience.
And know they see it as distant
but we see it near at hand.
The Day the sky becomes like molten brass
and the mountains like clusters of wool
when no loyal friend asks of another loyal friend
even though they will see each other there.
And the evildoer will wish
he could be ransomed from the punishment of that Day by selling his children
and his wife
and his brother
and his kinsmen who sheltered him
and whomever is in the earth all together
if it could save him.
But NO indeed! It is the fire of Hell for him
and it sears away the skin
raging upon those who drew back and turned away from the Truth
and gathered wealth and hoarded it.

70:42-44 So leave thou them to jest and play until they meet their Day which they are promised.
The Day they will come forth from the graves in haste as though hurrying to a goal.
Indeed the sight of hell will humble them
and their stupidity will cover them in abasement.
That is the Day they were promised.
The Day they will lose the only thing that was everything.

73:11-14 Yea leave thou to Me the ones who deny
the possessors of ease
you will have to put up with them for but a little while.
For with us are their shackles
and a raging fire
and a food that chokes
and a painful punishment.
The Day the earth and the mountains will shake
and level out as if sand being vibrated.

73:17-19 So how will you be in wise fear if you deny the Day which will make the children white haired
when the sky will crack open?
Yea His promise will be fulfilled.
This is a reminder
so whoever wills might take a way to his Lord.

74:8-29 Then when the trumpet is sounded
truly that Day will be a difficult Day
yea for all the fools it will not be easy.
So leave to Me whom I created
those I appointed with wealth
and children
and made smooth for him.
Then thinks he that I should add more?
No indeed!
He was obstinate towards our proofs.
So I will burden him with a steep ascent.
Truly he deliberated
and measured.
O how he accounted only to be destroyed!
Yea damned are his deliberations!
Yea he was shown
then frowned and scowled
and turned away in pride
saying: This is only sorcery handed down
the mere speech of a mortal.
So we will burn him in saqar.
And what will convey to thee what saqar is?
It spares not and leaves nothing
scorching the flesh.

74:39-48 But the companions of the right
will be in gardens exchanging questions
about the evildoers such as:
What brought you into saqar?
They will say: We have not been among the performers of prayer
and we have not fed the needy
and we jested with those who jest
and denied the Day of Judgement
until it was too late when the certainty came to us.
And no benefit to them is the intercession of intercessors.

75:3-14 Assumes the human being that we will never assemble his bones?
Verily we are able to fashion his fingertips again.
Nonetheless the human wants to deny the Day that is coming.
He asks: When is the Day of Resurrection?
Then when the sight is dazzled
and the moon is darkened
and sun and moon will be gathered
that Day the human will say: Where can I escape to?
No indeed! There is no escape.
Unto thy Lord that Day is the destination
the Day man is informed of what he has done wrong and not done right.
Yea the human is an eye witness against his own soul
even if he offers excuses.

75:20-36 No, indeed! You love that which fleets away
while abandoning the world to come.
Faces that Day will be beaming
looking towards their Lord.
And faces that Day will be scowling
at the crushing calamity before their eyes.
No indeed! When it reaches the collar bones at death
and it is said: Where is a wizard to save me now?
And he is certain of its finality
digging in his heels with futility
but unto thy Lord that Day will he be driven.
For he neither took heed
nor performed the prayer.
Nay! He rejected and turned away
back to his life of arrogance.
Indeed nearer to thee!
And nearer!
Then nearer yet!
And nearest it does come!
Does the human think that he will be left to pay no price?

76:11-24 So God will protect us from the evil of that Day
and cause us to meet with radiance and joyfulness.
And He will reward us with gardens and silk for enduring steadfast.
Yea reclining therein upon raised couches
seeing neither sun nor biting frost
temperate with shade nearby
and copious fruits thereof within easy reach.
And silver crystal goblets passed among them
indeed clear cups overflowing.
And they are given to drink a cup with ginger mixed
from a spring therein named salsabil.
And serving them will be eternal youths moving about
who when one sees would think them to be as scattered pearls.
And when thou sees them it will be a sight of bliss and a great dominion.
Yea garments of finest green silk and brocade
adornments of silver bracelets
and purifying drinks from their Lord.
Truly this is for you as reward
for your endeavoring which He appreciates.
Hence we sent down upon thee the Quran as a successive revelation.
So be patient for judgement of thy Lord over all
and obey not those perverted nor the ingrates.

77:1-50 By the ones sent forth one after the other ranks of angels
and with them tempestuous winds a raging with hellfire
scattering a goodly scattering of humans and jinn
and dividing a goodly dividing. the saved from the damned
And the deliverers of remembrance the arch angels
as justification and warning for this Day.
Yea you have been promised
it will befall.
Truly when the stars no longer shine
and the sky is rent asunder
and the mountains are laid flat
and the messengers are gathered on a Day appointed. to serve as witnesses against those they warned
And of what appointed Day do we speak?
The Day of Decision.
And how will you know it is the Day of Decision?
You will see great woe that Day upon the deniers!
Have we not decimated former lands with fire and rocks?
Indeed and again we will pursue those come of late
for thus do we do to all evildoers.
So woe that Day to the deniers!
Have we not created you from a sticky slime?
And did we not place you in a secure lodging
for a measured time?
Yea it was we who determined
and how excellent are we to determine!
Woe that Day to the deniers!
Have we not made the earth a vast container
for all that lives and dies?
And have we made therein high mountains firm
and given you cool sweet waters?
Woe that Day to the deniers!
You shall depart into that which you denied!
Depart thou under the shade of the fire! smoke
The shade that gives no relief
nor avails against the raging flames!
Bursting columns of flames
as if giant fiery ropes.
Woe that Day to the deniers!
This Day they will not speak
permitting not the putting forth of excuses.
Woe that Day to the deniers!
This is the Day of Decision
when we will gather every soul past and present.
So if you think you be cunning try to outwit Me!
Woe that Day to the deniers!
When those of wise fear are amidst shades and springs
with delicious fruits of their desire.
Yea eat and drink with ease for what you endured!
Thus reward we the doers of good.
But woe that Day to the deniers!
Eat and enjoy yourselves a little now
you criminals.
Woe that Day to the deniers!
Those warned to bow
but did not bow.
Woe that Day to the deniers!
For if not this what after it will they believe?

78:17-40 Yea and the Day of Decision is an appointed time.
The Day the trumpet is blown and you approach in units
and the sky is opened as gates
and mountains are set in motion looking as if a mirage.
Yea hell is lying in wait
for the defiant and the fools that is the journeys’ end.
They will long for death forever
experiencing neither coolness nor drink
only scalding liquids and filth
will be their recompense.
For they yearned for no accounting
and they denied our proofs defiantly
but we have their ledgers fully detailed
so taste it!
And we will increase you in nothing except punishment.
But for those of wise fear is a place of long sought security
with fertile gardens and grapevines
and splendid companions well matched
your cups overflowing.
Hearing therein neither vain speech nor lies.
Yea it is the reward from thy Lord
a gift
and a reckoning.
Lord of the heavens and the earth and everything between them
the Almighty
against Whom none can argue.
The Day the spirit and the angels stand in ranks
speaking not
until he to whom the Almighty grants permission
to say what is True.
That is the Day of unending Truth
and whoever wills will see his Lord at their journeys’ end.
Hence we warned you of this near punishment
the Day a man will look on what his hands have sent before him
and the fools will say:
If only I were dust!

79:1-14 By those who drag them forth!
The ones who are ever active
and ever swimming in the sky, angels
the foremost vanguard
commanded by the command
on the Day of quaking convulsion
followed by more of the same.
That Day hearts will pound in terror
utterly humbled at what they see.
Yet still they say: Will the dead really be returned to their former state?
Even after they are decayed bones?
They say: Surely that is nonsense!
And there is but one cry
and then will they be awake.

79:34-46 Then when the greatest destruction comes
the Day man will take heed for how he strove
and hell will be exposed for all to see.
Yea for those who transgressed
and chose the life of this world over the next
truly hellfire will be their habitation.
And as for those who feared the station of their Lord
and restrained their souls from vain desires
the garden will be their habitation.
And they ask thee about the Hour:
When its arrival will be?
But how would thou know?
Yea to thy Lord alone has the finality thereof.
Thou but warns him who fears it.
And the Day they see eternity it will be as though
they have not tarried but an evening
or a morning thereof.

80:33-42 Then when the blast comes
on a Day a man abandons his brother
and his mother and his father
and his wife and his children.
Everyone will be preoccupied thinking only of themselves on that Day.
The Day some faces will glow
rejoicing at the glad tidings
and other faces
will have darkness upon them
as if covered in dirt.
Those are the deniers
the licentious.

82:10-19 But there are over you custodians
noble recorders
who know everything you do
and the virtuous will be in bliss.
But the licentious will burn in Hell
yea they will begin to roast on the Day of Judgement
and they will not be absent from this appointment.
And what is the Day of Judgement?
Yea how will you know what the Day of Judgement is?
You will know!
It is the Day a soul will not protect another soul
because all commands belong solely to God.

83:1-36 Woe to the unfair traders!
Those who when they take from men take in full
but when giving cut short and cause loss.
Do these not consider that they will be raised
on a Day that is certain
the Day all will stand before the Lord of the worlds?
No, indeed!
The book of the licentious is in sijjin.
And how will you know what sijjin is?
It is a written book.
And woe that Day to the ones who deny
those who denied the Day of Judgement!
And none deny it but every false transgressor
who when our proofs are recited he says: Fables of the ancient ones!
No indeed!
Their habits have overcome them.
No indeed!
That Day they will be alienated from their Lord in hopelessness.
Truly then will they burn in Hell.
And it will be said: This is what you denied.
No indeed!
The book of the virtuous is in illiyyun
And how will you know what illyyun is?
It is a written book
which only those brought near to God will see.
Those virtuous who will be in bliss
upon raised benches looking on.
Thou will recognize in their faces the radiance of bliss.
They are given to drink of an exquisite wine
sealed with musk
and for that let those who strive strive.
Its mixture is of Tasnim
a spring from those brought near God will drink.
Yea and the evildoers laughed at those who heeded warning
winking at one and other when they passed by them
then returning to their people in frivolity.
And when they saw believers they said: These have gone astray.
But the believers are not custodians over them
and this Day those who believe will laugh at the fools.
Yea upon raised benches looking on
for should not evil doers be rewarded for their crimes?

86:8-17 And he is to return to Him who made everything
on a Day all secrets are exposed
then will he have neither strength nor protectors.
By the sky full of those who return
and the earth cracking all around
this Quran is a decisive warning
not for amusement.
Verily those who plan they plan a plan
and I plan a plan.
So be patient while looking on at the fools while I grant them a short delay.

88:1-16 Has there come to thee the warning of a Day?
When faces become
and weary
facing consumption by scorching fire.
And drinking from boiling springs of rotted flesh
and they will have no fresh food except of thorns
which neither sustain nor satisfy their hunger.
All the while other faces that Day will be
pleased with their striving
in a high garden
where they hear no idle talk
and have a flowing spring.
Setting upon raised benches
with goblets filled
and cushions arranged
upon carpets strewn.

89:21-30 No indeed! When the earth is leveled like sand
is when thy Lord comes with His angels
rank upon rank.
Hell is brought about that Day
the Day humanity will remember what they heard.
But what good will remembering do then?
He will say: If only I had sent forth of goodness for this life to come!
For none can make suffer as He will make the fools suffer on that Day
and nothing will bind like His binding.
But O thou souls at ease
return thou to thy Lord
for pleasing Him
and enter among My servants
yea enter My garden.

99:1-8 When the earth is quaking in convulsion
and brings forth its burdens
and man says: What is with all this?
That Day will it report its news
because thy Lord instructs it.
That Day will men come out
alone one by one
to be shown their deeds.
Whoever did the weight of an atom of good will see it.
Whoever did the weight of an atom of evil will see it.

101:1-11 The calamity!
What is the calamity?
How will you know what the calamity is?
The Day mankind will be like dispersed moths
and the mountains like plucked wool clusters.
Then as for him whose balance is heavy
he will be in a pleasant life well pleased.
And as for him whose balance is light
he will be embraced by the abyss.
And how will you know what that is?

Humiliation, regret and dread while burning in a fire for eternity!

Peace to our brethren in God
Hell to our enemies
~ David and Peggy ~