The Good News; I, David Allender being one of the two original owners of JCR intend to recompense all buyers who simply choose to support democracy/equality, freedom and justice.

The Better/Bitter News; Everyone else can go to hell and apparently, as you’ll see, JCR IS WHERE IT ALL STARTS!!!  (That will sound funny to some until about 15 minutes from now!)







What you’ll learn there mostly revolves around exposing the subversive biblical group of trash secretly living among We The People who are responsible for ALL the worlds’ problems (war, slavery, poverty, injustice, racism, immorality, pollution, greed, depopulation, corruption, etc.)  If you don’t know who we’re speaking of you’re just like we were 6 years ago. 

Sadly, this is true for most Americans who’ve been kept in a lifelong states of ignorance from satanic propaganda produced by members of “the group” who own ALL the major news outlets, ALL the major websites, ALL the major television/radio stations,  ALL the major newspapers, magazines and publishing houses, ALL the major movie/music studios and ALL the major porn operations.

This 15 minute read will begin to utterly destroy that ignorance, yet still we recommend you begin at ItsASign.com for your best shot at saving your country, self and soul. 

It’s because this is some pretty advanced “truthing” into the very real world of the supernatural and divine which will shock even the most educated of biblical scholars and other believers. 

It’s one thing to read end times prophecies from the Bible, Quran or Vedas, but it’s entirely another to see things unfolding right before your own eyes the way you will here with us!!!

As for any members of “the group” who are reading this, please do read on to get the gist of the long prophesied realities now coming into place that we’ve all been very clearly told will result in YOUR ETERNAL FUTURE IN HELL!

(What’s that you say, you don’t believe in God or Hell?  Well of course you don’t dumbass, that’s why you’re one of the pieces of shite who are going there!  The yolks on you!!!) 

Oh, and since you likely don’t believe in the existence of one particular fallen angel who was the minister of music in heaven, don’t miss the tunes I’ve selected and take note how they’re miraculously timed with the cadence of the content (The same one who’s sending you to hell did that too, along with all the other miracles you’re about to learn of!)


With that said, it’s time for a little history;


Joe Creek Retreat began as 346 acres (which was already subdivided into 16 parcels) of raw land purchased back in 05 for half price, a song and dance at $400k.  It was bought by David Allender and Peggy Star, a couple of patriotic American entrepreneurs who were planning on coming over from Gig Harbor, WA to live and work on the property.   Like any responsible, thinking peoples, we wanted to make sure the values of the other 15 parcels on the property wouldn’t be hindered by our place.  So, we took a great deal of care to do the best we could at building a quality structure with our limited construction budget of $200k in cash.  That meant coming up with a decent architectural design and doing as much of the work as possible ourselves, even though we had virtually no experience in construction. 




But that didn’t stop us and here’s where it gets interesting; as you’ll see below, after we’d built that home and then obtained a couple of mortgages totaling $514,000 in cash AGAINST ALL ODDS, we became aware of the existence and identities of the satanic biblical group who own all the big banks and the “international central banking system” which is behind the FED.  It was then we decided not to make payments on said mortgages to those evil turds which saved us about $250k in payments to date (as of posting this in Sept of 2016).  We’re talking some pretty serious cash here, more than we’d ever had our hands on and we’re only getting started!  While reading on please keep in mind that we could have done ANYTHING we wanted to do with all the money that was beginning to fly at us from every direction!



As you’ll see we chose to do what we thought were THE RIGHT THINGS with all that money and another $1.3 MILLION that was still headed our way.  The really funny and miraculous thing about all this is; since we redid the boundary lines (which changed all the legal descriptions including those for our piece with the mortgage on it) and then sold ALL the parcels around us, the bank can’t foreclose on us!  (they’ve tried 4 times, “no go”!)  And check this out, the loser banksters have also had to pay about another $50k for our property taxes, plus all the payments for our home insurance to protect our assets!   So, we’ve spent all these years living in paradise on their dime, 100% scot-free!  Thankfully, we had also racked up about $500k in other debts, mostly old business loans from the same corrupt and evil, satanic banking assholes who all belong to one psychopathic, biblical group that currently owns/controls most of the world by way of murder, deception and tyrannical oppression of We The People.  The funniest and most appropriate part of all is; we’ve spent all of their money and our time in developing a way to expose, prosecute and destroy them, all on their dime!





Their end nears and here’s a verse that EVERYONE SHOULD NOTE IN “THESE TIMES”!!!  2 Tim, 3:1  ” . . . in the last days perilous times shall come.  For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God”.

Take special note of those descriptors in bold which succinctly apply to members of one biblical group of scum described here;  Rev 3:9; “Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are jews (and Christians, Athiests, Muslims or whatever else to fit in amongst We The People) and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee”.

Guess what, that’s exactly what’s beginning to happen right in front of our faces here at Joe Creek Retreat!!!  You see, out of the 15 parcels of land we sold up here no less than 5 of the buyers so far have inadvertently exposed themselves as members of that very same satanic biblical group of murderous, hateful racists who’ve caused every kind of hell on earth imaginable to billions of innocent people and defenseless animals for millennia.  It turns out that 10s of Millions of these sick little subversive turds are everywhere hiding behind false claims of being jews, Christians, Muslims, Atheists and etc while they most certainly are NOT.  (snicker or him-haw at that now, but we’ve personally outed 100s of these subversives and proven it’s the 100% truth at our other sites and if you say we’re nuts, you’re going to be eating crow soon!) 

Anyway, our job back then was to sell land which began with the creation of the original form of this website;




That along with some free listings on Craigslist, a few cheap screenprinted signs hereabout and a little 60 second ad ran 100x for us by a local radio station would end up being the whole of the marketing we needed even though it was during the height of the housing crisis when realtors couldn’t sell squat;



FYI; that 1st lot advertised for $20k went for $35 and set the mark for sales of the remaining 14 lots.  As for the other buyers who’ve become entangled in this satanic web spun around all of us, just think of it the way we do; all of that “satanic/masonic all seeing eye money” (look at the obvious graphics on the paper bills in your wallet/pocket) spent at JCR will soon be worthless and was used in the best manner imaginable, to expose and begin destroying “the group” exactly as we’ve all been promised would happen for 2,000 years!  Indeed, their end nears, judgement comes!

Anyway, all tallied, we were allotted about TWO MILLION DOLLARS which of course we could have used to do ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING WE DESIRED.  What we chose to do with EVERY LAST CENT of that money should be of great interest and value to EVERYONE OF GOODNESS.  This site is here to begin explaining that while revealing a VERY BIG story that’s now unraveling around the world.  Corruption, division and immorality is through the roof, something’s not right and deep down inside, everyone knows it.  Something’s gotta give soon and we think (actually we KNOW) it’s all starting right here at Joe Creek Retreat!  Continue on and you’ll agree.


If you can read while listening to music, click play!  (It’ll be worth it!  Just turn the volume down so you can focus . . . )


OK, as said, we knew we had to do as much as we could in a “Do It Yourself” manner, so we began by buying some tools and a couple pieces of used equipment (a dozer and an excavator which we’d resell when done with them).  David learned how to operate the equipment and went to work on breaking ground to get the foundation in before the snow flew.  This 1st DIY project was a blast and saved us about $15k!  Little did we know what grand treasures awaited to be found . . .




Note; The Little Pickup Camper in the Background Above Would Come to Be Our Home For the Next Two Years.  (Definitely not complaining, that was “simply” a wonderful way of living!)




That old dozer saved our butts more than several times in some ways we never imagined.  This included plowing snow and removing multi-ton boulders from a couple miles of main road which would have made our access impassable otherwise. 




Pictures often don’t relate sizes well but that friggen rock (and many others) would have effectively closed the road had heavy equipment not intervened!




In the end the challenges were all fun and quite educational, just how life aught to be.  We were learning (actually being taught by “someone”) that tackling what is strange, unfamiliar and/or foreign is the fuel required for growth and change.  Getting back to the construction project, we got our DIY foundation poured just in time before that snow flew;




One very simple cost saving practice was pouring the primary footing directly, without forms.




Then We Simply Laid Our Forms For The Footing Walls Atop.  (Under strict supervision by the Bear Dog, the fuzzy shadow who’s overseeing the shoring up process)




Note, some jobs simply require extra hands which we had to hire out on occasion but it was minimal to keep the costs down.  During the coming winter we then saved about another $10k by doing our own architectural engineering and structural designs on our laptops while living in the camperFor some reason David was originally compelled to design the place as a 36′ x 36′ (6 x 6 by 6 x 6) 2 story structure.  But when we realized the square footage of a 3rd story is extremely affordable (due to utilizing the same foundation and roof) we went ahead and redesigned it with a wider footprint to compensate for the additional height.  It ended up being 36 deep x 46 wide x 36 tall (note the addition of 10′ to one of the base sides which is the number of perfection, 1 followed by any number of zeros in step represents the alpha and the omega.  ie; 1-10, 10-100, 100-1000, etc. which is one example of how God is referred to as the beginning and the end.  This may seem unimportant now, but it’s not.  We’re delving into the mystery schools here folks!)






Spring arrived and it is was finally time to add some creature comforts such as power, phone, propane and a septic field to the building site.






We got a quote on the 5 bedroom septic system from a local company, it came back at $14,000.  Then . . . we did it ourselves and ending up spending just $1,800 on the materials!  That’s $12,000 saved in 3 days work!!! (most of which was sourcing/buying materials)




The 1,000 gallon holding tank was $600 of that $1,800 total . . . laid plumbed and perfect!




Then we began framing the 16′ walls for the shop and 2nd story.  Ever made a staircase? It’ll give you some new found respect for carpenters!  (And this little tale will give you reverence for one particularly famous carpenter!)




Fuzzy and cheesy.  But wait, which is which?



Then the 3rd Story  (The Pro Took Care of Most of It);




FYI; that boat in the background only made it to the lake once so, we traded it for the drywall job which we did NOT want to do ourselves. (the angles in our place are nuts, it took a professional crew of 6 guys 3 1/2 weeks!)  Anyway, after the framing came DIY electrical, plumbing, gas, fireplace, HVAC, insulation, windows, appliances, cabinets, flooring, rock work, tile work, interior finish, decks, siding, trim, paint and etc. until one day, it was done.  All of those were DIY.  To make a long story short, after said two years of good, hard work, we ended up with a place we figured most would be able to stand the sight of inside . . .




and out . . .




Take serious note this isn’t about us bragging or being egotistical.  If you’re starting here instead of coming over from our other sites, let’s just say, you’ve got a whale of very BIG realizations to come!!!  And for the record, we didn’t know it when we began but now we know with 110% certainty that this entire story is all about YHWH (the actual name of the Bible’s main God which jews hid from We The People) and end times prophecies that have been predicted by adepts from every major culture around the world for millennia.  Hindus, Mayans, Israelites, Yehudim, Christians and Muslims are ALL on the same page with strikingly similar prophecies but very few are aware of this fact.  And this is the marker of where it’s all beginning right here at Joe Creek Retreat!  Sounds crazy right?  Well, we will be the 1st ones to agree but there’s no escaping the facts! Something very, very bizarre is going on here and if the long awaited prophecies are going to happen like billions say they will, they have to start somewhere!!!

Let’s have a peek at some obvious oddities . . .

Each parcel cost us an avg of $25k. ($400k / 16 parcels)  The building costs were $200k and our 20 acre parcel with the house appraised for a jawdropping $655k!  We were shocked!!!




$25k + $200k = $225k total cost for our parcel, and that from $655k = $430k Increase.

A $430,000 or 291% Increase in Worth, Nearly TRIPLE!  Not bad eh?  Is this normal?  NOPE!  Go ask any builder what they expect to achieve and you’ll find they’re giddy over realizing an increase/profit of just 20% to 50% on many residential projects!

Our situation was obviously quite different, especially when you consider that appraisal was from Oct of 08 when the housing market was totally tanking!  And imagine trying to take out a mortgage then (ie; buying a home) when you haven’t had any income for 3 years like us at the time.  Yet that’s what we did, we were asked by the bank to simply “speculate” that our new business would do good and got a $414k loan at 4.75% with zero down!  And then . . . we got a second for another $100k @ 5%!!!  We started with $225k and now had $514k in liquid cash plus another $141k in equity untouched!  WTF right?

So, Mission Impossible Was Accomplished!

Note that the appraiser calculated the living area of our house to be exactly 2,160 sf (bottom right)




Well, ancients didn’t use zeros and 216 (2160 w/out the zero) is the product of 6 x 6 x 6! (Also note, That $655k appraisal was before we added 1.78 acres to our then $125k, 20 acre parcel which increased it’s size and therefore value, by about 8.9% or $11k, hence $666k!!!  Stay tuned for more 666s around here, and then later, it will really make your head spin at our other sites . . . )

Next came the worthless and corrupt Bush legacy and Obummer’s explicit continuation of it. The camper manufacturing biz was no longer an option because 70% of RV manufactures tanked along with the housing market.  Our alternate plan for a biz (“Unidigi.com”) was MUCH LARGER so, we had to sell some land to buy some time.  FYI; just building the infrastructure for this organization was a true long shot and a very BIG feat, one that most couldn’t even imagine, which to some degree even included both of us at the time!

We want to change the world which had to start with America (the 4th beast of Revelation) by creating an alternative to the Federal Reserve.  We figured if you end that, you’ll end corruption.  All of this would require building an online network with it’s own digital currency, information sharing platform and an online voting system where We The People could come up with our own initiatives and vote on them, no corrupt politicians or corporate leaders required!  There’s much, much more to it but does that sound like a big project to you yet?  We thought so too!  Hence, it was time to become “one time land developers” so we could achieve our real dream of changing the world.  All we hoped is that we’d meet some good folks who’d become equally good neighbors in the process.

Welcome to Joe Creek Retreat!




By the way, that 6,000 lb boulder we mounted our steel sign to is the one from the snowy driveway pictured above!  (and yes that’s DIY too, a savings of $1,000 to $1,500)  Anyway, as for the next steps, the first problems were that we didn’t have any roads and that the quadrangle styled subdivision created by the original owners wasn’t going to work with the mountainous topography;




If we were going to do it right, we had to redo all the boundary lines to match the topography for best use in all manners including privacy and views for the building sites while also keeping in mind how to best build the roads to reach each site accordingly.  Note the dimensions of JCR are about 1 and 1/4 miles by a 1/2 mile;




As they say, “you’ve got to break a few eggs” which in this case was trees and soil. But for some reason we didn’t quite understand back then, we figured God was giving us the green light for this particular cause so, it was bearable . . .




We saved at least $350k by doing all of that engineering, excavation and rough grading work for the roads ourselves.  At this point, we’d far more than doubled the value of the land with our own blood, sweat and a few tears from having to do what we did to get the roads in, but we were ready to begin marketing it.  This would require some good CC&Rs (that’s the original, searchable .pdf. It as officially filed with the county is HERE) to protect the land and buyers, and a good website both of which we built ourselves to save a few more grand.  And further monies (10% in commissions) could be saved and passed along to future buyers by going it alone without the realwhores (David’s term for realtors).  So, “For Sale By Owner” it would be.


And now for something completely different . . .










The only thing left to do at JCR was to find some good folks to share this beautiful place with.  We hoped they’d be some decent Americans who cared about things like ourselves but it turned out, we were going to be stumbling across the only real problem the USA or world has ever had since biblical times.  That problem is the existence of a group of hateful, racist psychopaths who have subverted our great nation by calling themselves Christians, Muslims and Atheists while being none of the above.

You see, 10s of millions of “Americans” secretly have zero allegiance to America but rather only to themselves and their “worldwide tribe” while living wherever they may be on earth.  And again, they’ll tell you they’re American Christians, Muslims, Atheists or whatever other religion fits their surroundings but they’re NOT and We The People who’ve expelled them from 108 countries have historically called them “cryptos”, “maranos” and “conversos”!  Another name for what they really are is “Babylonian Talmudists” who secretly read the world’s most sick, psychotic and hateful book ever penned just as they’ve done for 3,300 years.

Most are utterly clueless about this, but Jesus (actually “Yeshua” which the jews changed to jeZeus, their murderous god of war) was famous in his day for using that book to out them for what they are, members of “the synagogue of satan” straight out of Rev 2:9 and 3:9!!!  Download that book which they’ve hidden from YOU for your entire life HERE, and for the first time in your existence, you’ll finally begin to understand why the world is such a screwed up place full of war, hate, immorality, greed, poverty and etc. BULLSHIT that needs to end!  You’ll also find out who we and ALL LOVERS OF GOODNESS are at mortal war with right here in our own country!!!

The thing is, you’re about to learn we’ve stumbled across a few of these worthless pieces of shite while selling our land.  And as you’ll see, God has already began spanking them beginning right here at Joe Creek Retreat which has some serious supernatural relevance to the famous and prophetical, biblical number of 666!!!

Ohhh noooooooo, 666 is evil, right?  WRONG!!!  666 is absolutely divine and we’ve irrefutably proven that elsewhere in multiple ways to such an extent it’s ridiculous.  666 is arguably the most important number in our world and is surrounded by hundreds of amazing, highly advanced mathematical facts that will leave one stupified and in awe of the creator, the universe’s greatest mathematician!  That along with the fact that every single notion you’ve ever been given about 666 being evil was 100%, satanic propaganda and all Babylonian Talmudists are totally aware of this fact!  For instance, have you ever wondered why the bible, the vatican, masonic govt leaders and famous, openly satanic hollywood actors and musicians place such an emphasis on 666?




Why are they doing all those 666 gestures??? (And FYI; there’s TONS more examples of virtually every president, pope, politician, star and etc. famous people doing this)  BUT WHY????  What do they THINK they know about 666 that YOU don’t???  And what if we know more about 666 than ALL of them combined and want to help YOU understand this too?  We explore this in detail with hundreds of examples at our other sites (mainly here; “The Messenger Has Arrived” and here; “Six Hundred and Sixty Six Reasons”) but for starters let’s have a little sampling of how we and this development are fully connected to the super divine and biblical number of 666.  First let’s recall the ones we’ve already covered;


♦  The $666k Total Revenues Generated from Sales

♦  The appraisal of $655k + $11k Due to Our Adding 1.78 acres = $666k!

♦  The 2,160 sf living area determined by the appraiser  (216 = 6 x 6 x 6)


Along w/those, we’ve been uncannily directed to discover via google maps that our house at JCR is located;


666 nautical miles from David’s birthplace and Grandparents home just outside of Casper Wyoming!

666 miles from David’s mom’s hometown of Sheridan Wyoming!

666 miles from David’s favorite and ONLY annual family vacation spot in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming!

NOTE: Those 3 Key Locations Are In a Very Tight Corridor on a Couple Hundred Mile Section of a 1,332 (666 + 666) Mile Wide Circle Exactly 666 Nautical and/or Statute Miles From Our House at JCR, They Are NOT Simply “Grouped”.  Is All of This Just Coincidence?  NOPE!!!  You haven’t done your research yet!  But for now, consider that JCR is also located;

6,660 miles from the center of the tiny village of Nazareth where Yeshua (aka jeZeus by those in error), Mary and Joseph actually lived! (note that the ancient languages of hebrew, aramaic and greek didn’t use zeros so, that’s just 666 to them)

1998 (666 +666 + 666) nautical miles from the center of New York City where the “false flag” attack against We The People  was carried out on 9/11!  (FYI; 9/11 is a VERY important date/number in the mystery schools and David’s b-day of 12/1 is exactly 9 months 11 days before 9/11!  And the day before 9/11 in 2001 he warned Peggy not to board a plane for which she had ticket in hand, but to drive instead which she did!)

6,660 miles from the center of Alexandria, Egypt, the famous city of antiquity where most of the Bible was written/compiled.

6,660 + 60 miles  from the most famous sites of antiquity such as the Temple Mount, Dome on the Rock, Church of the Holy Scepter, Western/Wailing Wall etc. down a long corridor of incredibly important biblical sites!  (Here’s that circle thing again, this time with dozens of famous sites in a perfect circular line on the other side of earth!)


And then there’s this;  Revelation 13:18  “Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six (666)”


Did you catch the massively obvious key to that famous verse that’s been hotly debated yet overlooked by millions of biblical scholars for millennia?  We bet not because they haven’t either!  Well, here you go; it says there are TWO entities whose numbers are 666 involved in Revelation’s end times prophecies!  Read it again!  First we have “the beast” (Which we and others have proven is the last 8 popes of the satanic vatican papacy) and A MAN . . .


OK, get ready for this; David Allender = 666 in “gematria”.




AND DID YOU KNOW THE AFOREMENTIONED DOME ON THE ROCK (also known as the “Holy of Holies” and/or “Solomon’s Temple”) IS ONE OF THE  TWO MOST FAMOUS BIBLICAL SITES ON EARTH THAT JUST SO HAPPEN TO BE EXACTLY 666 NAUTICAL MILES APART??? (And recall, this was during ancient times when supposedly, there was no way to measure such distances, especially across waters!)




Note the dimensions of the dome itself being 66′ feet in diameter by 66′ high and the walls below are 36′, the same height of our house!


And look at the Lat/Long for that Dome on the Rock;

31:46° N

+ 35:14° E

= 66:6


That ultra famous historical city is where Jesus was supposedly murdered by the jews and where Islam’s Mohammad (or “Mahomet” originally) made his ascension into heaven!!!  Did you get that?  This is where the last 2 of the most famous people on earth made their exits to be with God!!!  Note; 666 is the value of Mahomet in Greek as Μαοµετις.  And of course 666 is in the last, key phrase of that most famously debated verse of Revelation 13, “And his number is 666,” which in greek is “και ὁ ἀριθµος αὐτου χξς´”. The numerical values of the original words in that puzzle requiring “wisdom to count” are as follows, και = 31, ὀ = 70, ἀριθµος = 430, αὐτου = 1,171, χξς´ = 666.  The sum of those numbers, and hence the value of the end of that phrase is 2,368.  So what right?  Well, 2,368 is the gematrical value of Ἰησους Χριστος, Jesus Christ!




Next; did you know that the Bible and Quran are Encoded With Complex, Multifaceted Mathematical Cryptograms Which Irrefutably Prove They Were Inspired by “Someone” of Much Higher Intelligence than Humans?  Well, they are!  The Quran is Encoded with 19 and the Bible is Encoded with 19, 37, 666, 703 and 2701 as well as Pi, Eulers Number, the Fine Structure Constant and Advanced Mathematical Riddles Which Allude to the Core Structure of Human DNA and Multidimensional Geometry!  Have a Peek at a Graphic David Made for One of the Questions on “Dave’s BIG Test” at www.ItsASign.com Where You Can Go to Source and Prove All of These Fantastic FACTS Along With Many More for Yourself;




And with those self evidently biblical numbers of 37, 666, 703, 1,998, 2,368 (the Christ #) and 2,701 in mind (all of which are multiples of 37) check out what we found in relation to the 36′ x 46′ dimensions of our house;




We wondered what we might find for Joe Creek’s Gematria and Lat/Long;





The 72 Names/Angels of God – (or the 216 Letter Name of God)

The 216-Letter Name of God is really a 72-part Name, since it is a sequence of 72 triads of letters all of which are derived from permutations on Exodus 14:19-21 (itself composed of 3 verses of 72 letters each which totals 216 or 6 x 6 x 6).  To create the first triad, you put together the first letter of verse 14:19, the last letter of verse 14:20, and then the first letter of 14:21. To create the next triad, you put together the second letter of 14:19, the second to last of 14:20, and the second letter of 14:21. This continues until all the letters are used up. Like so:




Here’s the resulting 72 triads that make up the 216 letter name of God which David revealed at the AAA in early 2016; (see the 1st two illustrated on the top right of the table below due to hebrew reading backwards, right to left)




And check out this next “supposed coincidence” we noticed from one of the maps in the back of our Catholic Ignatius Bibles.  This is significant because it’s the only bible I’ve ever owned and the only one Peggy now has too even though neither of us were ever Catholics!  (We simply prefer them because they have the 7 additional books {Tobit, Judith, Wisdom, Sirach, Baruch and both the Maccabees} and don’t remove the names of Titanic races of giants such as the Rephaim, Gibborim, Zamzummim, Emim, Nephilim and Anakim, some/many of whom were documented for sleeping with human women and producing fierce/psychotic offspring which prompted God to drown them by flooding the Earth.  It’s good to know your enemies!!!)




 So anyway, here’s that map from the back of our bibles which represents Jerusalem during the time span of David to Yeshua with the outline of JCR overlayed upon it;




And look what else we just realized;!




This is noteworthy in at least 2 ways; firstly, David’s chair, where he sits at his desk while QUITE LITERALLY FIGHTING EVIL, (which is kinda the whole idea around here) is PRECISELY at the center of that OCTAGON. Secondly, David was sort of obsessed about taking the extra time for designing and centering the semi-hexagonal office and making sure it would be a “room with a view” for the coming years which is why it has the largest window into God’s creation of the whole house;!




God even threw in a free set of high end patio doors for the office worth $3,600!  (the window manufacturer screwed up our order and gave them to us for the trouble)




But wait, here’s another mind blower!  Since Jerusalem is on the other side of the Earth the way it sits north to south is 180 degrees opposite to our location.  Hence, we flipped the JCR boundary map to match it and look what we found . . .




And get ready for this . . . we figured that elevation guide on the bottom of that map above was telling us the elevation from sea level but Peggy discovered (completely by accident) that it wasn’t.  Here’s the elevation info from wikipedia;

“The Temple Mount forms the northern portion of a very narrow spur of hill that slopes sharply downward from north to south. Rising above the Kidron Valley to the east and Tyropeon Valley to the west, its 115′ peak reaches a height of 740 m (2,428 ft) above sea level”.

We’ve figured the actual elevation of the Temple is within 20 feet of the elevation of our house on the other side of the world!!! 

See for yourself in the topo map which we posted above before realizing this!  (Our house location is the one just above the words “Joe Creek” on the map)




See the 2400′ elevation line just to the right and deduct the 115′ hieght of the temple to see for yourself that our foundation is nearly the same elevation as that of the temple!  What are the friggen odds?  (Trust us when we say, there’s MUCH MORE to all of this but just what we’ve covered here should be stimulating your interest in YOUR life story!)  Indeed, are you getting the message like we are?  Here’s that ancient city and the Dome in the foreshadow of modern Jerusalem which has been at the crux of every major peace keeping idea on Earth for millennia;






And Before We Move On, Let’s Recall All the evil Mocking These Evil, Condescending, Racist Idiots Have Been Doing to YOU & YOURS . . .




THAT’S NO JOKE AND THIS IS ONLY A TEENY, TINY, ITSY BITSY  SAMPLING OF THE IMPOSSIBLE TO CALCULATE ODDS OF BIBLICAL PHENOMENON SURROUNDING JCR, DAVID AND PEGGY!  (This rabbit hole is DEEP and gets far too complex and intense for delving into here!)  The supernatural/extraterrestrial world is alive and well here at JCR where we’ve been allowed to live and work for God without making a single mortgage payment since early 2011 when we found out the FED and all big banks were owned by satanic, babylonian talmudists!  WE CHOSE NOT TO PAY/ASSIST SATAN OR HIS LIL HELPERS but rather expose them, which is exactly what Yeshua and Mohamet did and what God wants everyone of goodness to do!

Rev 14:9;  . . . “If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand, The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God . . . and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb” (Continuing to accept/use THEIR satanic financial systems with THEIR “all seeing eye money” and THEIR mark of the Beast {Social Security #s} and THEIR image of the Beast {the Cross} is YOUR choice!  Get it?)  We have all been warned that is the most simple and assured way to go to hell!  THAT SINGLE VERSE TELLS US THAT SIMPLY CHOOSING NOT TO RESIST THE SATANIC GOVT & VATICAN IS ONE WAY YOU GUARANTEE ETERNAL HELL FOR YOURSELF!  That’s why we’re doing what we’re doing, and as mentioned, the corrupt bank has even had to pay our insurance and property taxes ever since!!!


Siding with God has many benefits, YOU should seriously consider doing so with us TODAY


You will find TONS MORE divine 666 “coincidences” (MIRACLES) at our other sites.  Something BIG is going on here folks and it’s nothing like what you’ve been led to imagine by our corrupt govt, churches and media, ALL of which have been subverted by satanic twits who are secretly living among We The People.  They are lying to YOU about their actual identities while acting like they’re YOUR friends, marrying into YOUR family, working next to you at YOUR job and preaching to YOU from THEIR satanic govt ran 501(c)3 churches, entertaining YOU with THEIR satanic movies, music, TV and Porn!  (Yes, they own ALL the major porn operations and have used all the above to deceive YOU into being evil like THEM so they won’t be alone in hell!)  That’s who has conspired against YOU and Your Fellow Americans in every manner imaginable which includes telling you that 666 is evil when it is absolutely divine and serves as an important marker for “these times”!!!


Your Next Tune Is Queued Up, THIS ONE’S KILLER, Click Play!!!



PUBLIC NOTICE #2  (The Clincher)


I, David Allender the Declarant of the Joe Creek Retreat (JCR) Homeowner’s Association and creator of the development hereby give formal notice to all buyers of land at JCR and/or potential buyers who could otherwise be taken in by unscrupulous sellers, that all original sales are null and void.  Let it be known that this is due to the fact Lisa and Barry Wils (she get’s front billing because she obviously wears the pants in the marriage) and their attorney have brought it to my attention that all legal descriptions are invalid.  It is because of the unfortunate truth that my parcel, parcel “I” had a mortgage on it at the time when I hired a surveyor to adjust the boundary lines to enhance the development.  The result is an unavoidable trickle down effect upon all parcels at JCR and JCRII which invalidates the entire project and each of the legal descriptions for every parcel which all real estate sales depend upon BY LAW;




For the record, I had no knowledge of these limitations and the Chelan county assessors office failed to notify or restrict me from having the survey done or filed with their office all the while knowing, there was a mortgage on the property.  The problem is, since said mortgage existed, I needed to get the bank’s permission to change the boundary lines on my parcel which I did not know to seek.  I also didn’t know I couldn’t put easements or any other type of “encumbrance” on my property which all parcels at Joe Creek Retreat and 1 parcel of Joe Creek Retreat II, require for access. (JCR II is parcels C, M, N & O)

Why wouldn’t this be the very first thing the govt looks at when someone is changing the legal description for their property or putting encumbrances upon it? (Ask yourself; how could this ever happen in a system that is soooooo regimented and controlled?  The answer will blow you away!)  Therefore, it is with great solemnness I must report all of this.

But There is Good News! (For We The People) All 15 Parcels of Raw Land Were Sold and the Money (About $666,000 Total Including Revenues from Additional Roadwork, Fees and Forfeitures!)  Was Successfully Used to Build Unidigi.com, AffirmativeActionAlliance.com, GoyimGazette.com and ITSASIGN.COM!



However, now for more bad news . . . the property was just raw land and the low prices we offered for quick sales attracted the sort of people well known for “jEWING you down”, “gyping people”, “penny pinching” and being lowlife, whining, cackling, “cheapskates” all of which of course also tend to be liars and frauds. Hence one of the 2 HOAs has been intentionally subverted by a small sect of worthless turds who have harmed the entire project and decreased the value of everyone’s property. (See the “Photos” page for that and note the fact that the remaining 10 would be innocent landowners have done absolutely NOTHING to resist them or help themselves or support me in righting the wrongs!  Hey, I’m a firm believer that you get what you deserve in life, ESPECIALLY WHEN SPEAKING OF THE LATTER, ETERNAL PORTION!) Regardless, all of this was done by way of outright FRAUD by Lisa Wils who I’m told had to swear to the secretary of state that she had the right to take over the homeowner’s association from me, while I was still acting as the “Declarant” of the Association who had performed his duties therewith 100% flawlessly and honorably.

NOTE: IN OUR CORRUPT COUNTRY, ANYONE CAN TAKE OVER A HOUSING ASSOCIATION SIMPLY BY COMING UP WITH A BOGUS EXCUSE FOR THEMSELVES AND FILING A STATEMENT WITH THE SECRETARY OF STATE!!!  Then it’s up to the rightful party to spend thousands of dollars ($10k and up easily) on attorneys to litigate against them.  So, I think we’ll just take care of this on MY TERMS RIGHT HERE.

In this case, the lying little lackey Lisa Wils just falsely claimed that Peggy and I hadn’t held annual meetings for the corp which we most certainly did and there was no way for her to know (or accuse) otherwise!  We made up “the board” for the association during what’s called the “Declarant Control Period” and carried out our duties without fail.  This initial stage of doing business is how virtually ALL developers manage to take care of things until all their lots are sold and/or they’re ready to move on.  Also, there’s no point in telling anyone you’re having your meetings because there’s no voting during this phase and they don’t involve anyone else.  So, you just do it, record the minutes and that’s that.

I was doing my job, taking care of the entire place and even continued improving and funding the project with thousands of dollars long after the brunt of sales were made in 2011.  I like helping others and making things better, how about you?  But as for Lisa Wils, anyone can see she obviously doesn’t and she didn’t have any right to fraudulently claim any wrongdoings on my part.  Below is a pic of that worthless, miserable and disfigured hag from some 20 years ago when she still at least had some youth to cover up her grotesque, vile and fraudulent nature . . .




(sorry about that insult Ian, RIP)  That fugly bitch also outright lied to other HOA members in multiple ways including saying I redid the property boundaries AFTER she (in her mothers name) bought the land which is completely asinine and veritable bullshit for anyone with a brain who checks the dates of sale vs. date of filing of the CC&Rs complete with the new boundary map (on the very last page of that .pdf) and legal descriptions with the county here; http://oncore.co.chelan.wa.us/oncoreweb/

As you can see, the filing date was 5/17/2010 for the CC&Rs complete with the new boundary map;




And if you search parcels/sales at the county’s site HERE using their name “Wils” you’ll see I sold the land for $50k to this degenerate’s mother Joanne Richter on 9/23/2011, a full SIXTEEN MONTHS after the CC&Rs were filed! (see 2nd line, I don’t know what kind of screwy, underhanded crap she’s up to with adding herself as an owner by quit claiming it on 3/31/2014 but it has nothing to do w/me.)




This dumb, evil, lying bitch had ZERO right to take over our development or ruin the project and she needs to go to jail for it which is exactly what I aim to see happens!  This is clearly proven below in another legally valid and totally decisive way from the bylaws in the CC&Rs because I hadn’t sold my last lot with my house on it!!!

1.5.7 “Declarant Control Period” shall mean the period of time from the date of recording of this Declaration until one (1) year after the date upon which all of the Lots and any other portion of the Project (excluding Common Areas) that are subject to this Declaration have been sold, or any earlier period as may be agreed to by Declarant.”

See that actual paragraph as filed with the Chelan County Assessor in the “Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions” (CC&Rs) for Joe Creek Retreat for download HERE.  On top of all that, these degenerate frauds and the now bogus association also owe us over $9,000 (yes, NINE THOUSAND DOLLARS!) for equipment rentals, roadwork, maintenance, improvements, mud, rocks and snow removal we have performed for the association at our sole cost over the last THREE YEARS! All the while everyone just kept on coming and going, enjoying all the benefits of our work and expenses while paying NOTHING for it.  The roads up here wouldn’t be passable at all if it weren’t for said work which, by the way, is required to be done AND PAID FOR via the “Road Maintenance Agreement”. 

This group of back stabbing, welshing, double talking filth includes;


VIRGIL & CHERYL KOCHER (hey, that’s not kosher!) of 3610 Red Ceder Ct SE, Lacey (parcel A)

SCOTT & CARLA FLEMMING of 3021 SW Trenton, Seattle (parcel G)

BRIAN JOHNSON of 10570 Sirocco Circle NW, Silverdale (parcel H)

DAVID & MELISSA MESSERSCHMIDT of 1505 Hellyn Place, Bellingham (parcel K)


All of those shit for brained idiots follow the two particularly foul little pieces of excrement named;


LISA and BARRY WILS of 4862 SW Daisy St in Port Orchard (parcel D).


Ooops, please excuse (or share) my passion for disliking evil, racist, lying twits FROM (and destined thereto) HELL!  Those worthless, degenerate scumbags think letting things go to crap while allowing illegal, dangerous, environmentally toxic and visually offensive structures be built is good for Joe Creek Retreat.  They also think unnecessarily spending over $10,000 on attorneys to bilk everyone out of their money for the sake of being frauds is a good way to run a housing association.

All of that said, none of these turds are going to be around much longer because by the grace of YHWH, we’re going to retake our country and world back from this psychotic, disgusting, hateful and racist tribe via the incredible organizations created with monies they paid to us, which we used to build the very tools that spell their demise!!!


If you have any doubt these traitors really are SECRETLY living among us, DO YOUR JOB AS A RESPONSIBLE, CARING AMERICAN by sharing a link to; ITSASIGN.COM with as many people as you can, then sit back and watch how each of them react.




This is why we, David Allender and Peggy Star have been persecuted by them in every manner imaginable and it’s also WHY GOD IS INTERVENING!!!  Now they and whoever sides with them by doing nothing are going down!



Enjoy the rest of the song and then . . . check out the “PHOTOS” of what these idiots have done to our beautiful land and property values here at Joe Creek Retreat!