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Your Mountain Paradise in the World Class Destination of Chelan
NOTICE: All 15 Parcels of Raw Land Have Been Sold, All that remains is the best
parcel with our beautiful 4 Bedroom Home!
The bad news . . . one of the 2 HOAs has been intentionally subverted by a group of
lowlife, turds who have harmed the entire project and decreased the value of all our
properties. They also now owe me David Allender over $8,000 for equipment rentals,
roadwork, maintenance, improvements and snow removal I have performed for the
association at my sole cost over the last 3 years. This group of back stabbing,
welshing, double talking filth includes;
SCOTT & CARLA FLEMING of 3021 SW Trenton, Seattle (parcel G)
BRIAN JOHNSON of 10570 Sirocco Circle NW, Silverdale (parcel H)
DAVID & MELISSA MESSERSCHMIDT of 1505 Hellyn Place, Bellingham (parcel K)
Those shit for brained idiots all follow one particularly foul little turd named LISA
WILLS of 4862 SW Daisy St in Port Orchard
(parcel D) who thinks letting things go to
crap while allowing illegal, dangerous and visually offensive structures be built is good
for Joe Creek Retreat. She also thinks unnecessarily spending over $10,000 on
attorneys to bilk everyone out of their money for absolutely no good reason
whatsoever is a good way to run a housing association.
Many don't know it yet but the turds of which I speak are of the same psychotic
ethno/religo pile of waste who own the FED, all major TV/Radio Stations, Newspapers
and Magazines as well as Hollywood, Disney, the Porn Industry and all the major
websites such as Google, Wikipedia, Amazon, Ebay, Twitter, Yahoo, Youtube and etc.
propaganda outlets. You can learn all about them at the sites below!
The good news . . . no turds are going to be around for very much longer because by
the grace of YHWH and Yeshua, we’re going to retake our country and world back
from their psychotic and disgusting little tribe via the incredible organizations created
with monies they paid to David Allender and Peggy Star at JCR!!!
Those organizations are;